DALL·E 2 Registration Guide

DALL·E 2 Registration Guide

March 9th, 2023

Restricted by OpenAI-related policies, its registration cannot be completed directly, and it cannot be directly connected to use in some area; at this time, we want to experience DALL·E 2 and feel the new generation of AI models, how do we register for a DALL·E 2 account?

👇🏼 How to register to use ChatGPT/DALL·E 2 account tutorial overall points 👇🏼

→ Correct scientific internet Method

→ Prepare a Gmail address

→ A good SMS Received platform

→ Register and use ChatGPT/DALL·E 2

1. Proper Internet access

When using nodes, if there is no special policy group, it is recommended to use global proxy after selecting a good node.

DALL-E 2 will detect if there are too many registrations for the same IP, some nodes may have many people using the registration, if you encounter such a prompt it is recommended to switch nodes and try to register again.

In general, nodes in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, etc. cannot be registered. In general, nodes in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, etc. cannot be registered, but nodes in Japan, USA, Singapore, etc. can.

This requires your VPN or airport subscription to have a node in the above regions in order to register successfully.

2. Prepare a reliable mailbox

It is highly recommended to use Microsoft mailbox or Gmail for DALL·E 2 registration, after one click registration, you only need to cooperate with the code receiving platform to register successfully, saving time and effort.

DALL·E 2 registration currently supports mailbox registration or Microsoft Microsoft/Gmail one-click quick registration, and the mailboxes registered in these two places are applicable to most of the mailboxes applicable scenarios in the future, so it is strongly recommended to register one.

3. Virtual SMS code receiving platform

Recharge 1 USD, can be exchanged for 73 rubles, currently a number seems to be 52 rubles, that is, recharge 1 USD can probably register 1 DALL·E 2 account.

SMS-Activate is a Maozi platform that provides online virtual number service for receiving SMS messages, supporting Alipay, VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay and other payment methods.

How to top up the purchase

After entering SMS-Activate webpage, first switch the language to another language at ENG in the upper right corner and register an account.

Click the balance in the upper right corner to enter the recharge.

there are a large number of top-up methods to choose from, here is only down to choose Alipay Top-up for example.

just follow the amount you need to top up, here is the top up of 1 USD can be converted to rubles.

Go back to the home page and search for OpenAI, and register with the subsequent DALL·E 2, which one is cheaper, and look at the country code.

4. DALL·E 2 registration

OpenAI-DALL·E 2 registration address:Official Website

if you have already registered for a Outlook/Gmail account, you can sign in quickly below.

after the email is approved, enter your nickname First Name and Last Name, and you can proceed to the next step.

the step of verifying the cell phone number, you can use the previous virtual cell phone number receiving platform, choose to buy the OpenAI special number (which is cheaper to buy which), you can pass the verification, which do not forget to choose the correct country code.

After successful registration, enter the relevant description of the AI drawing you want in DALL·E 2 and click Generate to generate the drawing. Play with the AI!

OpenAI-related DALL·E 2 registration is mainly difficult in the choice of VPN nodes and a reliable receiving platform.

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