Midjourney Newbies Must Read

Midjourney Newbies Must Read

March 9th, 2023

Welcome to the original "AI Together" article, a must-read for Midjourney beginners.

We have compiled a list of common questions for Midjourney beginners in the beginner's stage as follows.

Midjourney website: https://www.midjourney.com/

Question 1: What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI generation tool that automatically generates images when text is entered, and is currently set up on the Discord channel.

Question 2: What is the Discord channel?

Discord is a foreign community tool, similar to QQ, and the Discord channel is similar to a QQ group.

Midjourney is used by sending text to the chatbot in the channel and the chatbot returns the corresponding image.

So if you want to use Midjourney, you have to register for Discord and then enter the Discord channel of Midjourney.

Question 3: How to sign up for Discord and MidJourney

Here you can go directly to "How to sign up for Discord and MidJourney"

Question 4: Does Midjourney have any hardware configuration requirements?

There are no requirements, but because the content is on the extranet, only the ability to access the internet scientifically is required.

Question 5: I often see prompts, what exactly is a prompt?

It is a keyword (prompt), a text that you provide to Midjourney and Midjourney relies on the text prompt to generate images.

Question 6: Is Midjourney free or does Midjourney cost money?

Midjourney is free, but only 25 images can be generated per account.

Once you reach the image limit, you will need to purchase a Midjourney membership.

Question 7: How much does a Midjourney membership cost?

There is a basic membership ($10 a month, which allows you to create 200 images a month)

and Standard membership ($30 a month, unlimited images, 15 hours fast mode).

Q8: How do I buy a Midjourney membership?

You need to use a credit card that supports foreign currency to make a purchase.

If you don't have a credit card, you can go here to purchase directly.

Question 9: Why can't I view other people's work and prompts in the Midjourney community?

Because you need to upgrade to a Midjourney member before you can use the community features and see more of their work.

Question 10: Are the images made by Midjourney copyrighted?

The copyright belongs to the user.

Question 11: What is the difference between Fast mode and Relax mode?

Type /fast or /relax in the input box to switch modes, the default is fast mode

fast mode: No need to queue, send prompt and draw immediately. ($30 membership, 15 hours Fast mode support)

relax mode: need to queue, queue completed automatically generated.

Question 12: How can I view the history of the work I have generated?

Enter the midjourney website and click "sign in" on the right to enter your home page. Here you can find the description, location and download of the images


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