[DALL·E 2 PROMPT] Emotional prompt words

[DALL·E 2 PROMPT] Emotional prompt words

March 9th, 2023

Positive mood, low energy

light, peaceful, calm, serene, soothing, relaxed, placid, comforting, cosy, tranquil, quiet, pastel, delicate, graceful, subtle, balmy, mild, ethereal, elegant, tender, soft, light

Negative mood, low energy

muted, bleak, funereal, somber, melancholic, mournful, gloomy, dismal, sad, pale, washed-out, desaturated, grey, subdued, dull, dreary, depressing, weary, tired

Positive mood, high energy

bright, vibrant, dynamic, spirited, vivid, lively, energetic, colorful, joyful, romantic, expressive, bright, rich, kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, saturated, ecstatic, brash, exciting, passionate, hot

Negative mood, high energy

dark, ominous, threatening, haunting, forbidding, gloomy, stormy, doom, apocalyptic, sinister, shadowy, ghostly, unnerving, harrowing, dreadful, frightful, shocking, terror, hideous, ghastly, terrifying

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