[DALL·E 2 PROMPT] Size-y, structure-y words

[DALL·E 2 PROMPT] Size-y, structure-y words

March 9th, 2023

Big and free

Curvaceous, swirling, organic, riotous, turbulent, flowing, amorphous, natural, distorted, uneven, random, lush, organic, bold, intuitive, emotive, chaotic, tumultuous, earthy, churning

Big and structured

Monumental, imposing, rigorous, geometric, ordered, angular, artificial, lines, straight, rhythmic, composed, unified, manmade, perspective, minimalist, blocks, dignified, robust, defined

Small and structured

Ornate, delicate, neat, precise, detailed, opulent, lavish, elegant, ornamented, fine, elaborate, accurate, intricate, meticulous, decorative, realistic

Small and free

Unplanned, daring, brash, random, casual, sketched, playful, spontaneous, extemporaneous, offhand, improvisational, experimental, loose, jaunty, light, expressive

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