Account and Billing

Account and Billing

March 10th, 2023


Credits are charged whenever you generate audio or export a video.

Credits are updated based on your billing cycle i.e. one month after the date you sign up. The monthly quota resets every month and the credits cannot be carried over or accumulated to the next month’s quota.

If you find any discrepancy in the quota it’s usually since every change of section reconverts the entire paragraphs and all the words will be recounted in your quota, to avoid this we recommend keeping the section/ paragraphs smaller in length.

How are credits calculated?

How credits are charged in Fliki

Credits charged per feature:

Audio (per 1 minute): 1 credit

Video (per 1 minute): 1 credit

AI Image (per 1 image) 1 credit

Download audio/video: 0 credits

Import from URL/blog: 0* credits

Import from Twitter: 0* credits

Auto pick media: 0* credits

Translation into different languages: 0* credits

* may change in future.

Manage and Update Billing

Paid subscription members can change and update billing details.

You can access it from Account → Credits → Manage Billing and you will be able to update your company name, VAT and other details.

We use Stripe for processing payments and do not store your card details.

To compare the plans and learn more, you can check out the pricing page.


Fliki offers team/company plans for easy management of billing.

When you create a new team, you are added as the team administrator. You can add team members who will inherit your plan.

Your card is automatically charged when you add a new member. Each new seat follows same pricing and payment cycle as active on admin account.

Credits will be shared across all the team members.


Earn free credits by spreading a word about Fliki! Get started by heading to the rewards section of the Account.


Under settings, you can configure the file format of the audio files you would be downloading.

Fliki currently supports mp3 and ogg audio file formats.

Reset your account

You can remove all your folders, scripts, podcasts and audiobooks by clicking the Rest account data under the Profile → Danger zone.


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