[DALL·E 2 PROMPT] Art modifiers

[DALL·E 2 PROMPT] Art modifiers

March 10th, 2023

Artist modifiers which give interesting results “, by [modifier]”

○“Fanart” (Ex. “markiplier fanart”)

This gives this generation a lovely young amateur graphic design feel, adding hearts to images and so on.


Adding more precise details to the output rather than simply art, but also makes the art overwhelming/overwhelming in the small details.

○“Award-Winning Art”

Images with titles like "Award Winning Art" in the dataset are usually very creative and original, so using this modifier can greatly improve the quality and creativity of your generation.

○“Trending on ArtStation”

This modifier will pull additional training data from the most popular artwork on the ArtStation website. Images that are popular on ArtStation are often visually appealing, as this means that the ArtStation community likes them, so filtering the data to produce images similar to them will greatly improve the quality of the generated art.


This will allow the art to have a lot of detail, but still be stylized, and it will still be art. Do not use this if you want to create a cue that looks like a real photo, because the term "realistic" is used to describe an artificial image that looks real, not a real photo.

○“Unreal Engine”

This modifier works similar to "Realistic", however it will produce a slightly fake video game style image with smoother edges, and it can be sharper and more detailed than the "Realistic" modifier.

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