New Bing uses the whole strategy: How to avoid being redirected to the domestic version?

New Bing uses the whole strategy: How to avoid being redirected to the domestic version?

March 10th, 2023
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Do you want to use the powerful New Bing, but when you visit www.bing.com/new, it prompts that the page does not exist, or when you visit www.bing.com, you are redirected to cn.bing.com and cannot use New Bing ? Don't worry, this tutorial will show you how to avoid these problems.

1. Join New Bing's candidate list (it is no longer necessary to join the waiting list after the update on May 4)

The current situation is that visiting www.bing.com/new will automatically jump to cn.bing.com. If you are using Chrome or Edge browser, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser's "Manage Extensions " button, search for and install an extension called "ModHeader".
  2. Find "ModHeader" in the installed extensions, click "FILTER", select "Request URL filter" (in Chrome, it is "URL filter").
  3. Fill in the following three contents: X-Forwarded-For,, .*://www.bing.com/.*, and make sure they are checked.
  4. Once set, visit www.bing.com/new, log in with your Microsoft account, and click "Join Shortlist".

Next, you can check in your Microsoft mailbox to see if it has been selected. If you do not receive the email in your usual mailbox, you can revisit www.bing.com/new to see if it is selected.

Note: Some users may experience excessive redirects. You can try the following methods:

  1. Click the plus sign to the right of the Request URL filters line and add a " .*://www.bing.com/.* ".
  2. Clear bing-related website cookies, go to Settings -> Cookies and Website Permissions -> Manage and Delete Cookies and Site Data -> View All Cookies and Site Data -> Search for bing in the upper right, and delete all related entries
  3. If you still encounter problems, clear cookies first, then close the extension, log in to your account in cn.bing.com, and then open the extension access.

2. Visit New Bing

After completing the above steps, you can visit http://www.bing.com and find the "Chat" option in the navigation bar to enter the New Bing usage page.

3. Visit New Bing on your mobile phone

Microsoft has brought New Bing to mobile. You can conveniently access New Bing through the Chat feature in the Bing app. But please note that the version of "Microsoft Bing" downloaded in the domestic application store does not have the Chat function.

Please access the download link below through your overseas account: 1. Android: Click here to download 2. IOS: Click here to download


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