How to register openAI and enable ChatGPT

How to register openAI and enable ChatGPT

March 13th, 2023
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Step 1: Preparations

(You need to prepare a ladder in advance: VPN)

Since ChatGPT blocks the Chinese region, domestic users cannot directly register for ChatGPT. Before using ChatGPT, we need to make the following preparations:

1. Proxy IP (that is, surfing the Internet scientifically/climbing the wall, you can check it on Baidu)

Regarding the IP address, the IP addresses of South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, and the United States are all suitable, but those of Hong Kong, China are not.

2. Mailbox

The best is Google Mail, QQ Mail is also possible.

3. Overseas mobile phone number

Regarding foreign mobile phone numbers, ChatGPT can only be used after verifying the mobile phone number (accepting the verification code), so we also need to prepare a foreign mobile phone number. If you do not have a foreign mobile phone number, you can also use the access code platform to verify. (If you don’t know how to operate, you can continue to read below. Later, I will introduce a useful foreign mobile phone verification code receiving platform.)

Step Two: Start Registration

If you are ready for the above three points, we enter the official website to start registration: https://chat.openai.com/auth/login

Enter your email address and set a password.

After the email is confirmed, the next step is to fill in the phone number, most of them are stuck in this step!

Step 3: Verify the phone

Everyone here should pay attention to that +86 in the national area is not acceptable. If you use Google voice, it will also be judged as a virtual phone, and you will not be able to do the verification code. If you can’t get a foreign mobile phone number, you need to accept the verification code. Go to this platform first: https://sms-bus.com/

After entering the website, first register an account, and then enter to recharge the account (the minimum recharge amount of the website is 3 US dollars)

After recharging, select the service and country you want.

For example, if we select OpenAI—america in the list on the left and click to buy, we can use the mobile phone number to accept the verification code.

It costs 0.23 US dollars to accept a verification code, but the minimum recharge amount is 3 US dollars, so you can use it with several friends.

After receiving the verification code, fill in the mobile phone number and the verification code in turn, and the account can be successfully applied. After the application is successful, we can go to the ChatGPT official website and log in directly to use it.


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