[Midjourney Prompt]How to Design a Good-looking LOGO

[Midjourney Prompt]How to Design a Good-looking LOGO

March 13th, 2023

Creating a logo requires significant time and effort, as it involves careful consideration of various aspects such as meaning, style, color, and more. That's why many designers use Midjourney to generate ideas and find inspiration from the AI-generated images.

To write effective keywords for logo design in Midjourney, here are some examples:

Vector graphic type logo design

Core keywords: Vector, no realistic photo detail shading This tells Midjourney to avoid creating logos with detailed or realistic shading.

Line style logo design

Core keywords: Minimal line logo

Gradient style logo design

Core keywords: Gradient

You can even specify the desired color in the keyword.

Japanese style logo design

Core keyword: Style of Japanese

Letter logo design

Core keywords: No shading, detail, photo-realistic colors outline

Abstract/geometric logo design

Core keywords: Geometric, no realistic photo detail shading

University/college logo design

Core keywords: Emblem for a university, no shading, detail realistic color

Retro badge logo design

Core keywords: Kitschy vintage retro simple

Modern game style badge logo design

Core keywords: Game icon

Mascot or virtual IP logo design

Core keywords: Mascot

To add more creativity, you can also include the name of a famous logo designer or artist such as:

Ivan Chermayeff - The Chase and Pan Am logo designer Steff Geissbuhler - Designer of the NBC and Time Warner Cable logos Yoshitaka Amano - Final Fantasy series designer

Saul Bass - Vertigo movie poster designer Yoji Shinkawa - Designer of the Alloy Gear series Massimo Vignelli - New York City subway map designer Rob Janoff - Apple logo designer Sagi Haviv - US Open and National Geographic logo designer

In conclusion, Midjourney can be an efficient tool for logo design, but it's important to remember that a professional designer's expertise is still necessary to refine the AI-generated design and add the finishing touches. Whether you're an experienced designer or just starting out, Midjourney can be a valuable resource in your logo design process, as long as you know how to use it effectively.