【SD Novice Tutorial】How to deploy locally on Windows

【SD Novice Tutorial】How to deploy locally on Windows

March 13th, 2023
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hardware requirements

The minimum hardware requirement is an Nvidia 1000 series graphics card with more than 8GB of video memory, preferably an RTX series graphics card, which will be much faster. AMD and Intel graphics cards are not available. Students who can't reach it can use Google Colab's computing resources (video memory 16GB+) for nothing.

Installation process

Network disk download link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1XwNgyomhTP1I_bKdCzK7VQ Extraction code: 17ai 1. Unzip the installation package:

2. Unzip the novelai-webui-aki-v2 compressed package 3. Unzip the webui launcher compressed package

4. Put the files in the webui launcher into the novelai-webui-aki-v2 folder

5. Run the installation launcher to run dependencies-dotnet-6.0.11

6. Run the launcher

7. Wait for the installation (takes 10 to 20 minutes) 8. After the installation is complete, enter the interface

9. Enter the "Variational Autoencoder (VAE) Model" in the model management, and download the SD template

10. Enter the Stable Diffusion model to download and install the model file (the model in the compressed package can be imported into it)

11. You can download the version you want in the version management, and you can upgrade to the latest version with one-click upgrade

12. Now you can start SD (please close the proxy when starting)

13. Wait for the installation and loading to complete, and the SDweb interface will be generated in the default browser

14. Enter the settings and select the SD template

15. Select the model you want to use, enter keywords to generate pictures

16. Now you can use SD to generate the picture you want . To view more models, go to civitai