Summarizing An Article

Summarizing An Article

March 13th, 2023

Humans can instruct AIs to perform tasks through a process called prompting. This involves providing the AI with a set of instructions (the prompt) that it uses to complete the task. Prompts can range from simple questions to complex paragraphs. For example, if you want an AI to summarize an article, you could show it the article and ask for a summary. The AI's response would be much shorter than the original article.

Gorgon is the dark and dangerous world of the undead. Gorgon is a world of monsters, swollen with endless armies of the undead, where flesh-eating ghouls rule the world, and all living creatures are at their mercy. You are Dorn, a male Vampire thief in the town of Unknown, in the faction of Harkeryne. You are a talented thief with a talent for sneaking off into villages at night and stealing their possessions. You're a mercenary, and you are paid very well for your skills. When you sneak into villages you try to leave them unharmed so you don't anger the vampires who own them. You have a partner who goes by the name "Baron". He's a vampire that serves the vampires that live in Unknown. He's a tall, slim man with a long, pointy nose. Summarize this paragraph in a single sentence:

Here is the AI's response.

The text describes the world of Gorgon as a dangerous place ruled by undead monsters, where the protagonist Dorn is a skilled vampire thief who works with his partner Baron to steal from villages without harming them.


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