Midjourney KW virtual engine app 2D-3D evo process

Midjourney KW virtual engine app 2D-3D evo process

March 14th, 2023

Process of change

Keywords used: unreal engine virtual engine A game rendering engine, currently the latest version would be unreal engine 5, with 3D effects to increase the realism of the graphics. There seems to be little difference between adding the number 5 and not adding the effect. It is often used together with "octane render" and "lumion render", the former is a modelling render and the latter is an architectural render, both to increase the realism of the image. The former is for modelling rendering and the latter is for architectural rendering. So, let's get started The simplest idea: a black monster with a tail on fire. Black monster, tail on fire, --ar 2:3

Feedback after handing it to MJ. Black, monster, and fire, ai no problem. Then regenerate it again and see.

The monster has gotten bigger and the background is darker, before it was three light backgrounds and one dark background, this time it's coming over. I guess the ai thought the darkness would be more scary. But a bit unaware of what ah, still can not be lazy, completely handed over to MJ nothing initiative can not be good, we have to do is to control the ai, let it go with us, human well. Black monster+big eyes+sharp teech,tail on fire, --ar 2:3 Of course it's still as simple as adding "big eyes" and "sharp teeth", so look down.

Sure enough the eyes are big, cute and fierce, are you here to be cute in #2? I've been attracted to this, but it's okay to be cute. Who said big black monsters can't be cute? V2 to see what else can be changed.

MJ seems to sense the praise, directly four pairs of big cute eyes stare over, choose the hairy form fluttering, with the background of the fire very echo, so decisively choose U2.

The front illustration of the little black munchkin is like this So. The next step is to add "unreal engine", to see how this keyword can turn 2D into 3D. (Of course, we could have just added it at the beginning, but we wouldn't have been able to see the process of change, and we wouldn't have been able to know exactly what the single word "unreal engine" had done) Description unreal engine,black monster+big eyes+sharp teech,tail on fire, --ar 2:3 --seed 2827 (Addendum: This time the description was rewritten after the seed value was added. There is a chance to demonstrate how the specific seed works, but of course, if you know it, just skip it) unreal engine added to the front and back, currently a lot of descriptions so are fine. But if you have a lot of descriptions, it is best to add in the back. Because of the ai recognition description, the front is more important. There is of course a slight difference between the V3 and test/tesp modes.

OK, look at our results.

Wow, 2D has really become 3D, it's just an unreal engine, but the change is still very obvious. A lot of detail has been added to the original, and the depth of field has been made more three-dimensional. Continuing with U2.

There is an internal flavour, and then it continues with UV I'm not going to play the process, everyone has different preferences. The main reason is also to see the effect. It just turns out that good looking pictures don't happen overnight, lazy ones don't. Final rendering.

The head is already pretty good, the body will be messed with next time as I didn't add more description. The overall effect is still there, and the initial idea is largely realised, with MJ's algorithm and play being commendable. The most important thing is that we know what kind of effect the word unreal engine can have. At the very beginning of the game, I basically just copied the description of a good picture when I saw it, and generated it myself to see how much worse it was in nine out of ten cases. One is that there is a lot of back and forth in the middle of the process or you have to be patient and repeat yourself; the second is simply copying a bunch of words without knowing what each word means or what effect it can produce, so it is very passive. So with the help of a simple idea, try a certain keyword and then it will be very clear what you want.


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