【Midjourney Prompt】How to realize the texture effect of 3D model

【Midjourney Prompt】How to realize the texture effect of 3D model

March 14th, 2023
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In Midjourney, many authors use 3D modeling techniques and texture keywords to create amazing 3D effect models with different textures. While I haven't explored 3D modeling with Midjourney before, applying 3D effects to subjects in Midjourney is quite interesting from an image perspective. Here are some examples of explorations I found using relevant texture keywords:

1. Liquid metal effect works and keywords

Various surface textures can be obtained by adding different liquid metal types such as copper, gold, metal and plasma. For example, the output of the liquid metal effect can be obtained using the following keywords: photo of a beautiful rabbit, liquid bronze::4, — stylize 1000, — quality 2

2. Solid Metal Effect Works and Keywords

Using solid metal to apply smooth textures to portraits is a great effect. For example, use the following keywords to get solid metal output: portrait of a beautiful woman, metallic metal::4 — stylize 500

portrait of a beautiful woman, aluminum::4 — stylize 500

3. Glass material effect works and keywords

If you want glass sculptures or glass textures, it's best to use natural descriptions in your cues, or add lighting effects for added drama. For example, the following keyword can get the output of the glass material effect: A beautiful bird made of glass, dramatic lighting

4. Works with decorative art effects and keywords

Decorative arts may include sculptures made of stained glass, ceramics, or wood, among others. For example, the following keywords can get the output corresponding to the Art Deco effect: a beautiful horse, stained glass

a horse made of ceramic

a portrait of Caesar, wooden culture::5

Lion with leaves and trees, paper quilling

5. Digital effect works and keywords

Different effects can be obtained using digital textures, such as ASCII art and digital liquid plasma. For example, the following keywords can get digital effects output: a man wearing a hat from the 1900s, ASCII art

A tiger made of vibrant liquid plasma

In conclusion, what I share with you today are some examples of using texture keywords in Midjourney to explore 3D effects. They can add new creativity to many of your image outputs and inspire you in professional work or directions of exploration.


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