Midjourney Progression Guide - Blend

Midjourney Progression Guide - Blend

March 14th, 2023

There is a very handy feature in Midjourney - Blend - which simply means you can blend up to 5 images in Midjourney to achieve the effect you want. I personally find this feature very useful and easy to use. How to use Using the /blend command.

Click into it and the add image window will appear, this is where we add a local image to upload If you want to add a third or more images, click on the green box and the red box above will automatically pop up, select image3, image4 or image5 to add more images. Here I have uploaded two images from my computer

Press enter and wait for the images to be generated Generated results

The above steps have given us an overview of the Blend mode Here are a few examples to help us create more images based on this pattern. Example 1 We can use Blend to change the background or scope of an image

Image 1

Image 2 The final image after blending

Example 2 Changing the style of an image

Using three different styles of images

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3 Then blend the pikachu with these images The results are as follows.

Now let's blend all three of the generated images and see what happens

It's nice to have all three image elements blended together Ending Based on the above experiment, we can use our imagination to create more interesting images with Blend.


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