【SD Tutorials】Free Prompt Generators

【SD Tutorials】Free Prompt Generators

March 14th, 2023

Stable Diffusion represents an AI-based art generation tool that is capable of producing remarkable artworks in mere seconds, triggered by prompts. Its functionality is akin to that of OpenAI’s DALL.E and Midjourney Lab’s Midjourney AI.

Stable Diffusion's platform is accessible to all users, as anyone can utilize its services without charge by visiting this link: https://decentralizedcreator.com/use-stable-diffusion-for-free/.

To leverage Stable Diffusion's full potential, a comprehensive and detailed prompt description is required.

The only hindrance to utilizing Stable Diffusion AI is one's own imagination. If generating effective prompts consistently is a challenge, then Stable Diffusion is the optimal solution.

This article will introduce several prompt generators that can be employed to explore and experiment with Stable Diffusion AI art generation.

4 ways to help u get more appreciate prompts


PromptoMANIA is considered one of the most exceptional free prompt generators available for use with Stable Diffusion. It allows users to swiftly create comprehensive prompts in a matter of seconds.

With the click of a button, users can include an abundance of details in their prompts, such as camera angles, color palettes, art mediums, display settings, geometric elements, lighting conditions, and post-processing options, each with its own unique variations.

Moreover, in addition to the various details, the promptoMANIA user interface also enables users to incorporate the artistic style of any particular artist simply by selecting their name.

What sets promptoMANIA apart from other prompt generators is its ability to visually represent each detail and artist style, making it easier for users to select and create the perfect prompt.

To utilize promptoMANIA, users must first enter the subject into the designated box. Then, they can select specific details and artist styles by scrolling down the user interface. Users can also input character descriptions or adjectives in corresponding boxes if desired. Finally, they can copy the prompt by clicking on the "copy icon."

If desired, users can also provide an image URL that ends with .jpg or .png to suggest inspiration for the artwork.

It's worth noting that promptoMANIA can be used not only for Stable Diffusion but also for a variety of other diffusion models, such as Midjourney, DreamStudio, DALL-E 2, Disco Diffusion, NightCafe, wombo.art, Craiyon, and more. The ease of use and wide range of features make promptoMANIA a valuable tool for generating creative prompts across various AI art generation platforms.


Phraser.tech is a user-friendly and free prompt generator that can be utilized for Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, DALLE-2, Disco Diffusion, Craiyon, and other diffusion models. With its 10-step process, creating a prompt only takes a few seconds. While selecting the first three steps is mandatory, the rest are optional. Through each step, users can select their preferred neural network, content type, style, color, texture, resolution, camera settings, feeling, and era. To copy the prompt generated in Phraser.tech, users need to sign in to their Phraser.tech account and access their DreamStudio membership. In the "API Key" tab, they can copy the key and paste it back into Phraser.tech to see their artwork.


Although DrawingPrompt.com is not specifically designed for AI art generators, it can still be used to create prompts for Stable Diffusion.

To use the site, simply click the "Create New Prompt" button, and if the generated concept does not suit you, hit the button again. Alternatively, you can browse through the different categories available on the site and select one that inspires you.

Art Side of Life’s Random Art Prompts Generator

Art Side of Life’s Random Art Prompts Generator is a versatile tool with a collection of over 1000 art ideas and prompts, primarily designed for naive art. While it's not specifically designed for AI art generators, it can still be used to generate prompts for Stable Diffusion or other AI art tools.

Creating prompts is easy - just select the category from the dropdown menu and click the "Generate Your Prompt" button. It's a great tool for children or people who are new to art and want to experiment with different ideas.


If you're experiencing a creative block or want to experiment with Stable Diffusion AI art, these four free prompt generators are worth trying out. Additionally, PromptBase provides prompts for Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, DALL·E, and GPT-3, but it comes with a cost.


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