Midjourney Drawing With the Help Of A Reference/Trace Image

Midjourney Drawing With the Help Of A Reference/Trace Image

March 14th, 2023
As we all know, the results generated by AI painting tools are random. But now, many AI drawing tools provide a way to add reference images/matting images in order to draw AI works based on the layout, scene, color, and so on that the user wants to show, according to the reference images provided by the user.Most domestic AI painting tools are easy to operate, and foreign mainstream AI painting tools - Midjourney also support drawing through reference images, but many beginners may not have noticed this.

1. Using reference images + keywords to generate images in Midjourney:

1.Click on the plus sign to upload the image that needs to be used as a reference, and Midjourney will regenerate and display the image on the page. (In fact, you only need to let it generate a link that Midjourney's system can recognize.)After the image upload is completed, you need to give the image a name in the dialog box. You can enter any name, such as "abc", and then press the Enter key. 2.Click on the image, select "Open in browser" in the pop-up options, and then copy the URL of the image3. Paste the image link behind the "imgine prompt", but note that the suffix of the link must be .png or .jpg4. After pasting, you must leave a space, then enter the description language, and finally press the Enter key to generate a new image. Use the "--iw" command to control the degree of similarity between the new image and the reference image, the value range is from 0 to infinity, the default value is 0.25, and the larger the value, the higher the proportion of the reference original image.

2. Midjourney's "blend" command can blend several images to generate a set of blended images. The method is as follows:

1. Enter "/" in the plus sign bar, and select the "blend" command.2. Add the images that need to be blended, and up to five images can be blended.3. After adding the images, press the Enter key to generate a set of blended images. It is suitable for blending images with similar themes, different types of elements, or different rendering styles.In short, these two methods can be combined to achieve more interesting effects.


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