Midjourney Prompts Generator Feature

Midjourney Prompts Generator Feature

March 14th, 2023
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Recommend several online generation tools, which can automatically generate standardized AI painting keywords, including descriptors such as color, style, illustrator and picture ratio, which are currently free. Suitable for beginners.

1. MidJourney prompt word tool

The thesaurus of this tool is very rich. From the dictionary, you can see various styles and corresponding effects, which is easy to find and use.

2. A toolbox

3. MidJourney Prompt Helper

4. promptMania

Video tutorial: promptomania video tutorial 5. hugging face

6. Midjourney teleprompter

Video Tutorial: Free Midjourney Teleprompter

7. replicate.com

8. Prompthero

Prompthero is not a website that directly generates prompt words, but it will match the existing very beautiful pictures according to the given words, and attach prompts, which is also very convenient. It is very simple to use the Midjourney Prompt generator. It is very suitable for those friends who are interested in AI painting but do not know how to express it accurately. Painting with keywords will enrich the scene environment and greatly improve the atmosphere and texture of the painting.


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