【SD Tutorials】How to come up with good prompts quickly

【SD Tutorials】How to come up with good prompts quickly

March 14th, 2023

The structure of an effective prompt To produce precise and excellent visual content, certain methods have been validated. Your prompt ought to encompass the majority, if not all, of these aspects.

  • Subject (required)

Initially, you will require a depiction of the Subject with extensive elaboration.

  • Medium

Digital painting

  • Style


  • Artist

e.g.by Vincent Willem van Gogh

  • Website


  • Resolution

e.g. 8K

  • Additional details

e.g.extremely detailed, ornate, cinematic lighting

  • Color

e.g.Bright color Tips: - Provide an elaborate and precise portrayal of the subject while using extra parentheses () to enhance its emphasis and brackets [] to reduce it. - Select a suitable medium that aligns with the artist's style. - Be cautious while incorporating an artist's name as it significantly influences the style of the artwork. - Try blending different artistic styles together to experiment. - Browse through the prompt section and analyze the exceptional prompts to improve your skills. Consider using a prompt that resonates with you as a starting point for your artwork.


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