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【Beginner Tutorial】Q&A for Beginners: What is Midjourney

【Beginner Tutorial】Q&A for Beginners: What is Midjourney

March 15th, 2023
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This is a must-read article for Midjourney beginners, and below is the QA for beginners' frequently asked questions.

Midjourney official website : https://www.midjourney.com/

Q1: What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI-generated tool that automatically generates images when text is entered, and is currently set up on a Discord channel.

Q2: What is a Discord channel?

Discord is a foreign community tool, similar to QQ, and Discord channels are similar to QQ groups.

Using Midjourney requires sending a text to a chatbot in a channel, and the chatbot returns a corresponding image.

So if you want to use Midjourney, you must register on Discord and enter Midjourney's Discord channel.

Q3: How to register for Discord and Midjourney

Here you can directly check " How to register for Discord and Midjourney ".

Q4: Are there any hardware configuration requirements for Midjourney?

There are no requirements, but only scientific access to the internet is required as the content is on an extranet.

Q5: I often see prompt information, what is the prompt information?

It is a keyword (hint) that the text you provide to Midjourney relies on to generate the image.

Q6: Is Midjourney free or charged?

Midjourney is free, but you can only generate 25 images per account.

Once you reach the image limit, you will need to purchase a Midjourney membership.

Q7: How much is the Midjourney membership?

There are basic membership ($10/month, you can create 200 pictures/month) and standard membership ($30/month, unlimited number, 15-hour support in express mode).

Q8: How to purchase Midjourney membership?

You need to use a credit card that supports foreign currency payments to make purchases.

Midjourney Paid Guide

Q9: Why can't I check other people's works and tips in the Midjourney community?

Because you need to upgrade to become a paying user of Midjourney to enjoy community functions and browse more works created by them.

Q10: Are the pictures produced by Midjourney protected by copyright?

Copyright belongs to the user.

Q11: What is the difference between fast mode and relaxed mode?

Type /fast or /relax in the input box to switch modes, the default is fast mode

Quick Mode: No need to wait in line, draw immediately after sending the prompt. ($30 per month)

Relax Mode: Need to wait in line, draw automatically after finishing queuing.

Q12 : How can I view the historical records I have generated?

Enter the Midjourney website and click the "Login" button on the right to enter the home page. Find a description, location and download image here.