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[Tutorial] How to use the translation function of OpenL

[Tutorial] How to use the translation function of OpenL

March 15th, 2023
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" OpenL " is a translation website based on OpenAI's excellent technology. It currently supports 15 common languages. It is very easy to use and easy to learn, with fast response. This tool can not only provide users with efficient and accurate translation services, but its natural language processing technology also has the ability to automatically judge the context, adjust the tone and voice, etc., making the translation closer to human natural language expression and more transparent and easy to understand.

Just enter the original text you need to translate on the left side of the page and click "Submit":

The site will automatically start translating:

Of course, you can also select the items in the yellow box to choose which language to translate into:

Translations are currently supported for the following languages:

Finally, don't forget to click the "Copy" icon in the lower right corner to copy with one click:

In all aspects of work, study, etc., you can rely on the translation services provided by OpenL, which greatly reduces the workload and learning difficulties of users.


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