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Create reusable assets with AI tools like Stable Diffusion

Create reusable assets with AI tools like Stable Diffusion

March 15th, 2023
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In this tutorial, I will share how to use Stable Diffusion to make "high-quality" and "reusable" materials.

My purpose is not just to tell you how to generate a "cute girl" but to help you use SD to improve efficiency in actual work.

This tutorial will have three processes:

  1. Generate illustrations using "Stable Diffusion"
  2. Enlarged insets using "Real-ESRGAN"
  3. Setting the background in Photoshop

Generate illustrations using Stable Diffusion

It is very easy to generate beautiful girls using SD, but if you want to generate reusable materials, you need to meet the following requirements

  • The image must at least show the girl with her knees up
  • must be standing illustration
  • The background is a solid color with no shadows for easy cropping

So we need to adjust the prompt to include the following words in the positive and negative prompts:

Positive: a very cute and beautiful anime girl, simple flat background, full body, standing, highly detailed face and eyes

Negative: flat color, flat shading, shadow, nsfw, retro style, bad fingers

As for the point of the tip, it's important to first make the background monochrome with a "simple flat background". And the words "full body" and "standing" are also essential for standing pictures.

Also, as you can see when generating the standing picture illustrations, when specifying the whole body, the detail of the face is degraded, so I compensated it with "highly detailed face and eyes" (limited effect, but always better than no writing at all).

Here are the results I generated:

Lossless amplification using Real-ESRGAN

Some people may wonder why not generate high-resolution images directly, because it will take more time...

If you use ordinary image editing software to enlarge it, it may cause severe picture distortion, so here is an AI tool specially designed for image enlargement. You can download it on GitHub: https://github.com/tsukumijima/Real-ESRGAN-GUI

The interface is very simple, just enlarge the picture to the resolution you need.

Setting the background in Photoshop

Finally, using Photoshop, the previously enlarged illustration was cut out to make it a reusable material.

With the previous illustration open in Photoshop, use the quick selection tool to crop it. The Quick Selection tool is located in the following locations in the Tools panel.

With the Quick Selection Tool selected, press the Select Subject button.

It then automatically selects the outline of the girl very accurately.

Next, press "Ctrl+J", this will create a layer that copies only the selected part (i.e. the image without the background).

After that, hide the background layer, and the standing image material is complete! Don't forget to save it in PNG format.


The above is how to make full use of tools such as image generation AI to create reusable materials.

Although image-generating AI tends to be controversial these days, when used properly, it can easily create high-quality material without illustration skills.

Hope this article is helpful to you.


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