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[Basic Tutorial] Recommended Mode Workbench, Get Vincent's Diagram

[Basic Tutorial] Recommended Mode Workbench, Get Vincent's Diagram

March 16th, 2023
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The first step is to understand the input box

1. Enter ideas: Enter your painting ideas into the text box. Better generation results can be obtained using standard hint statements. Check out the tutorials in the next chapter and become a hint master in no time.

2. Creative Associations/Top Recommendations: Ever feel uninspired? Take a look at everyone's great ideas.

The second step is to adjust the parameters

1. Style selection: There are many styles to choose from in the recommendation mode. If you have "choice difficulty", you can choose "smart recommendation". Friends who have already used it think it is a good option! Please note that the "smart recommendation" has been calculated and optimized by A1's 360-degree calculation, so please rest assured to choose.

2. Scale adjustment: You can choose the size of the painting you want to generate.

3. Number of drawings: You can choose the number of paintings to generate, up to 9 at a time.

Step 3 Creative Management

1. Generation records: You can view historical generation records by swiping up and down. You can also click the "Creative Management" button in the upper right corner to view historically generated paintings.

2. Sharing ideas: You can click on the picture to view the larger picture, and perform a series of operations such as "public display", "add to favorites", "share and download" in the right toolbar. At the same time, you can also rate the painting in the lower right corner~


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