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[Advanced Tutorial] Quickly Become a Prompt Master

[Advanced Tutorial] Quickly Become a Prompt Master

March 16th, 2023
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What is a prompt statement?

Prompt statements are a set of text descriptions in a special form, which are used to tell the AI painting tool what kind of painting to generate. Similar to the way of communicating with human painters about painting appeals, the Prompt statement consists of "picture subject", "detail words" and "style modifiers", which are used to determine the required picture content and expression style.

For example, when you want to generate a bust of a beautiful girl in anime style, you can enter Prompt:

Beautiful girl, moe, bust, two-dimensional, anime,

This Prompt statement can be disassembled as follows: the subject of the picture is a beautiful girl, the detail word Meng is used to modify her cute attributes, and the style modifiers two-dimensional and animation are used to determine the style of the desired picture.

Composing the Prompt statement in this way is very simple.

How to optimize the Prompt statement?

After understanding the principle of Prompt, you can use your creativity to improve the Prompt statement so that the AI painting tool can draw more amazing paintings for you and express the details of the paintings more clearly.

For example, if you just tell Wenxinyige that you want to draw a "beautiful girl under the moon", AI does not know what kind of character image you want. At this point, you can improve the prompt statement and add more screen details, for example:

- Add detailed words that describe the image of the main character:

Chinese style dress, anime girl, delicate face, smiling, peony flower headdress.

- Add detailed words to enrich the scene of the picture:

Moon night, soft moonlight, auspicious clouds, falling petals, starry sky background.

- Add detailed words to enhance the overall texture of the painting:

Colorful glare, laser light, romantic tones, geometric composition, rich details, shocking, beautiful wallpaper, beautiful.

These Prompt statements adding details can make Wenxinyige better understand your painting needs, so as to generate more exquisite and stunning paintings.


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