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AI Dungeon (AI Dungeon) Play Guide

AI Dungeon (AI Dungeon) Play Guide

March 16th, 2023
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AI Dungeon is an AI-guided role-playing experience and interactive story creation tool.

You can use this tool on PC , Android and iOS , start a unique and wonderful adventure anytime!

This article will take you to familiarize yourself with the game interface, try more, and you will be able to get started soon!

start the game

AI Dungeon comes with several in-game on-screen controls to make creating your adventure even more handy!

Input Mode - Do/Say/Story/Watch

Click the button to the left of the input box to switch between input modes.

Do - Make your character perform a certain action.

Speak - Make your character speak what you type.

Backstory - Original narrative text added by yourself.

See - let AI generate images.

You can also hit the send button (the paper airplane icon on the right) without entering any text and let the AI continue the story by itself.

Tip: The more detailed you describe the better the AI will know what you want, so always try to include exactly what you want. If you just type ">you go inside", no matter what the context is, you may be giving the AI too much "creative freedom" to decide what should happen next.

Tip: You can also edit the AI-generated text or append your own text after the AI-generated text, then click the send button to automatically continue the story with your edits.

Buttons and Commands

The buttons above the input boxes are shortcuts to commands that control your story events and game adventures.

Tip: The labels, layout, appearance, and even existence of these buttons can all be changed in the Display Settings in the sidebar. Once you're familiar with them, consider removing the labels, and even removing some from view, to give you more room to write.

Here we mainly explain the functions of the three buttons RESTORE, MEMO and WI.


View the history of all actions/inputs that were removed by "undo" or "retry" and restore one (or more) of them in their place.

If you've overused Undo or Change a bit, or if you've changed your mind about previous uses of Undo or Change, or if you just want to see a history of everything you've undone, this will Very convenient.

Tip: Some people only use this feature and not Redo, depending on personal preference.


This is a shortcut button for quick access to the remembered text box in the sidebar.

Before sending recent story texts to the AI, memory texts are given to the AI and can be used to list important information to guide the AI in writing your adventure. This is very helpful when the AI has forgotten past events, characters, locations or what you were supposed to do.


This is a shortcut button to quickly access the adventure's world information page, accessible from the sidebar.

World info is a list of short text entries about various things in the story that will be pulled when certain texts appear in the most recent section.


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