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3 minutes to understand the content of Baidu Wenxin Yiyan press conference

3 minutes to understand the content of Baidu Wenxin Yiyan press conference

March 16th, 2023
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Baidu's " Wenxin Yiyan " has been prepared for many years. It began to invest in AI research more than ten years ago. In 2019, it launched the Wenxin big language model. Today's Wenxin Yiyan is a continuation of the past years of hard work.

The function of Wenxinyiyan

  • Creative writing
  • business copywriting
  • Calculation of Mathematical Logic
  • Chinese understanding
  • multimodal generation

Note: The presentation of the press conference is recorded in advance and not practiced on site

The first is Wen Xin Yi Yan's literary creation ability. Li Yanhong continuously raised several issues related to "Three-Body Problem" to Wen Xin Yi Yan.

1. Where is the author of "The Three-Body Problem" from? 2. Can you summarize the core content of the three-body problem? If you want to continue writing, what angles can you start from? 3. How to continue writing from a philosophical point of view 4. Who are the actors in the TV series Three-Body Problem? 5. What do Yu Hewei and Zhang Luyi have in common? 6. Who is taller, Yu Hewei or Zhang Luyi?

Regarding the creation of commercial copywriting, Li Yanhong asked Wen Xin a question:

If you want to set up a technology service company that uses large models to serve the digital upgrade of small and medium-sized enterprises, what company name can you choose?

In the mathematical logic deduction session, Baidu asked a question about chickens and rabbits in the same cage. Wen Xin first discovered that the question was wrong, and then changed the question, and it was able to answer it accurately.

Wen Xin Yiyan not only accurately answered the meaning of the idiom "Luoyang Zhigui", but also explained the financial phenomenon behind it. Finally, he wrote a Tibetan acrostic poem using this idiom to better experience its magical use in the Chinese field.

Finally, Wenxin Yiyan's multi-modal generation capabilities are introduced, such as drawing pictures, writing long texts, and generating short video content based on text.

Literary use

At present, there is no public beta test, please apply for an invitation code first, and then enter the invitation code to try it out. 🔗 Apply for a test point here

Judging from today's press conference, Wenxinyiyan is not a revolutionary product as people expected, but more like a mid-term test of Baidu's AI technology reserves, showing that Baidu also has the ability to pursue the research and development of the most advanced artificial intelligence products , I hope to see a real "Chinese version of ChatGPT" in the future.