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[Basic Tutorial] DALL·E 2 Registration Guide

[Basic Tutorial] DALL·E 2 Registration Guide

March 17th, 2023
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Restricted by OpenAI's relevant policies, it is impossible to directly complete the registration and direct connection of DALL·E 2, so how can we experience this new generation of AI models? The following is a summary of the DALL·E 2 account registration tutorial.

👇🏼How to register and use ChatGPT/DALL E 2 account tutorial summary👇🏼

→ The correct scientific method of surfing the Internet

→ Prepare a Gmail address

→ A reliable SMS verification code receiving platform

→ Register and use DALL·E 2

1. Correct network access method

Use the global proxy after selecting a good node, if there is no specific policy group, this is a recommended way to surf the Internet.

DALL-E 2 will detect the number of registrations of the same IP, and some nodes may be occupied by too many registered users. If you encounter such a prompt message, it is recommended to replace the node and try again. Normally, nodes from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, etc. cannot register, while nodes from Japan, the United States, Singapore, etc. can register. In order to successfully register, you need to choose a VPN or airport subscription with nodes in the above regions.

2. Prepare a reliable email account

During the DALL·E 2 registration process, it is strongly recommended to use Microsoft mailbox or Gmail account.

One-click registration, and then cooperate with the verification code receiving platform to complete the registration easily, saving time and effort.

DALL·E 2 currently supports email registration or one-click quick registration of Microsoft/Gmail accounts. Registering these two types of accounts can be applied to most future mail needs, so it is strongly recommended that you register an account.

3. Obtain a virtual SMS verification code receiving platform

You can get 73 rubles for recharging 1 dollar, and each virtual number currently seems to be 52 rubles, so recharging 1 dollar can get about 1 DALL E 2 account registration qualification.

SMS-Activate is a Russian platform that provides users with an online virtual number to receive text messages and supports multiple payment methods, such as Alipay, VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, etc.

Ways to top up and buy

After entering the SMS-Activate web page, first switch the language from "ENG" in the upper right corner to other languages, and start using the service by registering an account.

Click the balance option in the upper right corner to enter the recharge option.

There are many recharge methods to choose from, here we only take Alipay recharge as an example. Just recharge the amount you need, here 1 USD recharge can be converted into rubles.

Go back to the homepage, search for OpenAI, and register with the subsequent DALL·E 2 to see which one is cheaper and check the country code.

4. DALL·E 2 Registration

OpenAI - DALL E 2 registration address: official website .

If you have already registered an Outlook/Gmail account, you can quickly log in.

After approval, enter your nickname, first name and last name, and go to the next step. To verify the mobile phone number, you can use the virtual mobile number receiving platform you used before and choose to purchase the OpenAI special number (cheaper price is preferred). When passing the verification, don’t forget to select the correct country code.

After the registration is successful, enter the relevant description of the AI sketch you want in DALL·E 2, and click Generate to generate the sketch and start using AI. The main difficulty in OpenAI-related DALL·E 2 registration lies in the selection of VPN nodes and reliable receiving platforms.


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