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BibiGPT Easy Tutorial

BibiGPT Easy Tutorial

March 17th, 2023
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Currently BibiGPT supports Bilibili and YouTube video analysis. This article takes YouTube video as an example.

Original video address: Introducing GPT-4

1. Open the official website and fill in the link

2. Set configuration items

  • The summary generated by BibiGPT supports not only Chinese, but also traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and other 12 languages;
  • BibiGPT will generate a corresponding summary according to the original video content and configuration requirements;
  • There are two forms of summary: "timestamp" and "outline", which will be shown separately below.

3. Summary generation

  • Timestamp summary:

  • outline summary

Timestamps and outlines have their own advantages and disadvantages <br />Timestamps will clearly display the content nodes. Clicking on the time nodes can directly jump to the corresponding content of the original video, which is convenient for users to choose the content they are interested in to browse; The summary of the outline will be more detailed and perfect, and the summary and main points will be extracted to help users quickly understand the core content of the video.


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