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Zero-based zero-threshold entry, the simplest ai painting tool playground AI

Zero-based zero-threshold entry, the simplest ai painting tool playground AI

March 17th, 2023
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Using Disco Diffusion will not adjust parameters, Stable Diffusion will not find keywords, Midjourney has to pay, DALLE2 has not applied for a place to experience... it is recommended to use playground AI.

Experience one-stop functional services on the webpage ( https://playgroundai.com/ ). It integrates content community, model integration, functional interface, prompt style keyword auto-completion, free of charge, and is the most user-friendly tool for generating images from text.

playgroundai supports online use of SD and DALLE2 models, and you can also browse the generated pictures. In the function operation interface, all the functions of the two models are integrated, without local deployment or code operation. It is currently completely free to use.


1. Registration

2. Click create to enter the creation page

3. Select the model

4. Choose a filter

5. Enter the prompt word (prompt) and the prompt word you want to remove (exclude from image)

6. Confirm other options

Image size (image dimensions)

The larger the prompt guidance value is, the closer it is to your prompt, but it does not mean that the bigger the better, the default is 7.

The larger the value of quality and details (quality&details), the more details the picture will have. Generally, the default value is 50.

7. Select the quantity generated each time

8. Choose to generate a picture or directly generate a picture

Image to image can be uploaded directly. The higher the image strength value and the stronger the guidance of the original image, 30 is recommended

If you choose to output directly, click generate.

The above is the basic usage of Playground AI. We can operate the generated pictures again. More operation methods are waiting for you to explore by yourself.


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