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OpenAI Translator Tutorial

OpenAI Translator Tutorial

March 17th, 2023
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Install After the plug-in, click the button in the upper right corner to enter the main interface of OpenAI Translator. Before using it, you need to set up the OpenAI API first. Users can obtain API keys on the OpenAI API keys page. After entering the page, click "Create new secret key" to create a new secret key. This step requires the user to log in to their OpenAI account. If you have not registered an OpenAI account, or want to know how to obtain an API key, you can check this tutorial . After the API key is generated, the user needs to click the copy button on the right to copy the API key to the OpenAI Translator plugin for setting. The plug-in supports the Chinese target language by default. Users only need to fill in the API key and click the "Save" button in the lower right corner to complete the settings and start using OpenAI Translator for translation. Using OpenAI Translator is very simple. Just select the original content to be translated, and a small button will appear next to it, and the content can be translated by clicking it. Due to the use of ChatGPT for different language conversions, the speed may not be so instant, and it takes a certain amount of reading time. According to the developer, OpenAI Translator is a plug-in tool that supports interactive translation in 55 languages. It performs well in translation and supports rapid language conversion. At the same time, it also provides two functions of polishing [Polish] and summarizing [Summarize], which can make a paragraph of text more beautiful, or convert an article into a concise summary. However, it should be noted that the OpenAI API has a usage limit, the number of requests per minute is limited to 20, and an error message will appear if the limit is exceeded. Users can check the usage on the OpenAI API page, and they will get a credit of $18 when they use it for the first time, and it will not cost a lot to use some article translations or summary summaries. In short, OpenAI Translator is a powerful and practical tool that can meet users' needs for fast conversion between different languages, text polishing and article summary.


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