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"Writeathon" AI writing function introduction

"Writeathon" AI writing function introduction

March 17th, 2023
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About Writeathon

Writeathon is a content creation tool that provides creators with a variety of functions from writing workflows such as inspiration , content recording, organization to output . In addition, AI-assisted text and image generation is also provided.

shortcut toolbar

In markdown mode, enter / open the shortcut toolbar, select the corresponding AI function, enter the content to be processed and press Enter, for example: 选择AI to continue writing → enter AI writing after cont回车, the processing content will be Displayed in real time .

The maximum content to be processed is 1200 words. The maximum number of returned results is 1500 characters. Tips, you can suggest the number of words generated by AI, add a period after the end of the content, and add the expected number of words, such as 300 words.


AI writing function


Support sending specific instructions to AI, such as: writing a sick note .

get some inspiration

Randomly generated by AI, there are inexhaustible writing topics ever since.

continue writing

Automatically continue writing based on the current content.

The current content needs to have enough information to be processed by AI, otherwise an empty result will be returned.


Polish with current content.


Summarize based on current content.

Proposition composition

Just give the composition title, such as: Writeathon writing tool.

Thesis outline

Just give the topic that needs to be researched, such as: quantum computer.

knowledge outline

Just give the topic that needs to be learned, and AI will return up to 5 knowledge points.

promotion copy

Just give the product information that needs to be promoted, such as: Writeathon, type: writing product, Chinese name: writing lasong, crowd: wide.

AI Writing Sidebar

In the article editor, press AI写作按钮in the upper right corner or select the content to open the AI ​​writing sidebar , which supports custom commands, such as: help me summarize the following content, and help me write a work summary based on the following information.

AI formatting toolbar

In the card and article editor, the formatting toolbar that pops up after selecting the content supports AI operations on the selected content, including: continuation , polishing , summary and customization .


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