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"Tentacle AI Painting" Mini Program Novice Tutorial

"Tentacle AI Painting" Mini Program Novice Tutorial

March 17th, 2023
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Take a look at how to use tentacle AI painting: First open WeChat, and search for the [Tentacles AI Painting] applet in the search box!

Or scan here directly:

Then open the tentacle AI painting applet, and you can see the simple homepage. As shown below:

Then select "Painting" to start the painting journey:

Enter the picture descriptor you want to generate in the AI painting editor, set the reference base map, select the painting theme, picture scale, and then click to start painting! The result is as follows:

If you don’t know AI painting and have no inspiration, you can open the homepage. There are many AI paintings shared by platform users for your reference, including a lot of two-dimensional AI paintings! And each painting has detailed descriptors, including Chinese descriptors and English descriptors. You can directly copy the descriptor and then go to the AI painting interface to create!

How to get more points on Tentacle AI:

1. Invite new users to earn points: every time a new user is successfully invited to get 75 points, friends will also get 25 points simultaneously;

2. Earn points for watching the advertising video completely: every time you complete an advertising video of tens of seconds, you can get 10 points.

3. Earn points by signing in every day: You can get 10 points for signing in every day.

If you are interested in two-dimensional AI painting, you can try it! If you want to convert the photo into a two-dimensional style, you can also try it!


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