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Magic Slides installation tutorial

Magic Slides installation tutorial

March 18th, 2023
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Install the MagicSlides App

1. Click here 2. Click Install

3. Click Continue

4. Select your google account (single gmail id is recommended to log in, if you have more, please create new chrome profile)

5. Allow the requested permissions

6. That's it! Show the next option Send to this page.

Create an OpenAI account and obtain an API key

* It costs nothing to create an OpenAI account, initially you get $18 in credits, which is enough to generate 900 presentations

1. To create an OpenAI key, we need to register an OpenAI account, then verify with a mobile phone number, and then generate a key.

2. Visit https://platform.openai.com/signup , sign up with Google/Microsoft or email. It will also ask to verify the phone number.

3. Once the account is created, visit https://platform.openai.com/account/api-keys , or just use the top right menu

4. Now for new account you won't have a key, just click create new key

5. The new key will be displayed in a popup window, click the copy icon to copy it to your clipboard

Set the API key for MagicSlides

1. Launch the MagicSlides app and simply access the slideshow. New (to create a new slideshow), then Extensions > MagicSlides App > Open

2. You will see an input for Add OpenAI License Key

3. Just paste your key and click save

4. finish

Then you can quickly complete the PPT 🎉