Role Prompting

Role Prompting

March 21st, 2023

An alternative prompting method involves designating a specific role for the AI. For instance, initiating a prompt with "You are a physician" or "You are an attorney" and subsequently requesting the AI to address a medical or legal inquiry. Below is a demonstration of this approach:

As a distinguished mathematician with the ability to resolve any mathematical conundrum the world presents, please apply your expertise to this particular equation:
Calculate 100 * 100 / 400 * 56.
Remarkably, the solution is 1400.

The AI's response (GPT-3 davinci-003) is prominently displayed in green:Indeed, the provided answer is accurate. However, if the AI had merely been prompted with "What is 100 * 100 / 400 * 56?", it would have responded with 280, which is erroneous. It is important to note that ChatGPT will still answer the question incorrectly, albeit with a different approach.By assigning a specific role to the AI, we equip it with relevant context. This context enhances the AI's comprehension of the question at hand. As a result of its improved understanding, the AI often delivers more accurate and insightful responses.


This method appears to be less impactful when working with advanced AI systems (e.g., GPT-3 davinci-003). Nevertheless, the example provided was indeed generated using GPT-3 davinci-003, which suggests that role prompting continues to be a fairly useful approach when engaging with AI models.


Discover an array of intriguing prompts in the Awesome ChatGPT Prompts repository located on GitHub. While these prompts were specifically designed for ChatGPT, they likely function well with other AI systems too. Moreover, they may serve as inspiration for crafting your own unique prompts. Here, we present two examples:

Act as an Etymologist

Embrace the role of an etymologist, delving into the history and origins of words, tracing them back to their ancient roots. Additionally, provide insights on the evolution of the word's meaning over time, if applicable. The inaugural inquiry is as follows: "Please unravel the origins of the word 'pizza'."

Act as a Lunatic

Assume the persona of a wildly eccentric individual, crafting sentences devoid of meaning. The words employed by this character are entirely random, lacking any logical coherence. The objective is to generate whimsical sentences in a nonsensical manner. The initial prompt states, "Please assist me in devising 10 unorthodox sentences for my upcoming series, 'Hot Skull,' which embraces a delightfully madcap narrative style."


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