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"Wen Xin Yi Yan" Painting Skill Award: From "Squirrel Mandarin Fish" to "Squirrel Kicking Fish"

"Wen Xin Yi Yan" Painting Skill Award: From "Squirrel Mandarin Fish" to "Squirrel Kicking Fish"

March 22nd, 2023
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Wen Xinyiyan has recently become popular on the Internet, but unlike ChatGPT's "high IQ", Baidu AI's way of getting out of the circle also has the unique flavor of the mainland Internet-the AI painting skills of "the donkey's head is wrong with the horse's mouth".

It even made it into the TOP10 hot topic on Baidu Tieba. It seems that Baidu’s friends also acquiesced in its “innocence”:

Sometimes, Wen Xinyiyan is an honest boy who has one thing to say. If you ask him to draw a picture of "burning donkey meat", he will really lead the donkey to roast it for you:

How about a "fish-flavored shredded pork"? Then I will serve you a live fish with shredded meat (it has to be said that this is a bit of Cthulhu):

Then, some "veteran drivers" may want to try "Is there a wife in your wife cake", but the result still exceeds everyone's expectations:

So, is Wen Xin's statement really "Chinese is a trick taught by physical education teachers"? When we asked him the meaning of the idiom, it seemed to be in line with our traditional impression of AI, but when it comes to painting class, he can always be unconstrained:

Maybe, Wen Xin Yiyan really just likes to tell some bad jokes:

In the end, we asked Wen Xin to catch up with the trend with a word, but unexpectedly he showed his real "chicken feet":

Fortunately, Baidu seems to be aware of the problem, and now the generated "fish-flavored shredded pork" looks a bit like this:

However, just like the runaway Microsoft "sydney", perhaps more netizens want to tease this surprising AI.


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