What is the relationship between Stable Diffusion and Stable Diffusion WebUI?

What is the relationship between Stable Diffusion and Stable Diffusion WebUI?

March 22nd, 2023
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In fact, stable-diffusion and stable-diffusion-webui are equivalent to a father-son relationship. The former is the father, and the latter is the son (WebUI). The son has almost inherited all the advantages of the father, and then self-optimized and learned many other skills, such as you Some plug-ins can be installed for the son, which can make the son more obedient and use it for himself, but the father does not have the ability of the son.
Moreover, if the father has new abilities, the boss of AUTOMATIC1111 will automatically inherit the new abilities of his father, and the boss is extremely productive in updating, and it is common to update several times a day, so there is no need to worry about this issue at all.

Using Stable Diffusion Case

In fact, Stable Diffusion itself does not have a UI interface. If you want to use it, you must call the CMD command line to execute statements to control the running of the program. I think this should be a nightmare for most people. After all, who would remember so many things? What about the parameters?

Generate paintings via CMD

If we use Stable Diffusion without a GUI interface to generate a picture, we need to enter the following command in the CMD window:

python scripts/txt2img.py --prompt "a photograph of an astronaut riding a horse" --plms

Among them, the descriptive text after `--prompt` can be changed as needed. If you want to generate more detailed content, you need to add a lot of parameters.

The following are common parameters for generating images using CMD


An ordinary person can't remember so many parameters, including most programmers, so at this time, a big guy stood up.

Use Stable Diffusion WebUI case

Introduction to WebUI

The big guy's Github is called AUTOMATIC1111, and he has open sourced a project called stable-diffusion-webui on GitHub. The biggest convenience of this project called stable-diffusion-webui is that it has created a graphical interface for stable-diffusion, so that ordinary people such as me can happily use stable-diffusion to create art (XP).

All the tutorials on stable-diffusion on this site are based on the WebUI project of this big guy.

Generate paintings through WebUI

After deploying the project, open any browser on the computer, enter the IP address , you can open the WebUI interface, and then only enter the prompt word you want to generate, and you can see it after a while The picture related to the prompt word is generated.


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