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You need to know what the ChatGPT plugin function means

You need to know what the ChatGPT plugin function means

March 24th, 2023
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You may have seen the news that ChatGPT announced the launch of the plug-in function today (this may be the most surprising and shocking in a series of recent developments). Plug-ins allow GPT to interact with the outside world in real time, read and answer all kinds of real information, whether it is stock prices or call calculators or program compilers or private database information, and can also take actions, such as locating directly from a restaurant, or placing an order to buy commodity. Plug-ins can even control third-party services, making GPT an all-round digital assistant that connects with offline life .

I wrote before that the "ChatGPT information is not real enough" that many people complained sounds like a serious flaw, but it is not, because the big language model is essentially "natural language interface as a service", and it is related to the underlying data. Sources can - and should - be decoupled. The knowledge learned from the corpus during language model training is outdated and takes up space. The correct approach is to let the language model only be responsible for reasoning, expression, and action. As for data and knowledge, it can be obtained from the outside in real time.

But when I said these words, I thought it would take at least six months to a year before I saw this day. I was wrong, today is the day.

This means that:

- To put it mildly, this solves the problem of untrue and unreliable GPT conversation data criticized by many people.

- On a larger scale, there will be a large number of third-party plug-ins and new gameplays that are unimaginable today to intervene in real life will be created.

- A little bigger, which means that the plug-in is today's APP, and GPT is today's iOS operating system, a brand new ecology.

But all of the above wasn't even the most jarring part of my day. What shocked me the most was the following. Because a little brother on Twitter summed it up very well, I will just use his words (and OpenAI co-founder Greg's comments later) .

"The plug-in system designed by OpenAI is the craziest system I've ever seen in my life. If you want to write a plug-in for it, you don't write the program of the plug-in, you write a description of the plug-in, using your natural language , and then GPT will help you generate this plugin.”

Ten years ago, when a person was eager to write an APP for the newly released iPhone, he had to be a very experienced programmer. Today, when you are eager to write a plug-in for the newly released GPT platform, you only need to describe the effect you want to achieve in natural language. There is a video on OpenAI's website that shows how to write a plug-in that allows AI to help you remember your private todo list by interacting with GPT in natural language in a few minutes. In other words, this is natural language programming (at least at the glue language level).

If this path works, if this becomes the industry standard, then...

Python finally has no meaning to exist.

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