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Huawei's Pangu series AI large-scale models will be launched soon, including NLP large-scale models, CV large-scale models, etc.

Huawei's Pangu series AI large-scale models will be launched soon, including NLP large-scale models, CV large-scale models, etc.

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March 27th, 2023
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According to the official website of HUAWEI CLOUD, Huawei's Pangu series of AI large models will be launched soon, and the NLP large models, CV large models, and scientific computing large models (meteorological large models) in this series of AI large models have been marked as coming soon.

It is reported that the Pangu large model adopts deep learning and natural language processing technology, and uses a large number of Chinese corpora for training. The model has more than 100 billion parameters and can support a variety of natural language processing tasks, including text generation, text classification, question answering systems, and more.

Among them, the Pangu NLP large model is considered to be the AI large model that is closest to the human Chinese comprehension ability. It uses the Encoder-Decoder architecture for the first time, taking into account the comprehension and generation capabilities of the NLP large model, ensuring the flexibility of embedding the model in different systems. In downstream applications, only a small number of samples and learnable parameters are needed to complete the rapid fine-tuning and downstream adaptation of large-scale models of hundreds of billions.

For the first time, the Pangu CV large model takes into account both image discrimination and generation capabilities, and can simultaneously meet the needs of low-level image processing and high-level semantic understanding. Based on the model size and running speed requirements, models of different scales are adaptively extracted, and AI application development is quickly implemented. Using hierarchical semantic alignment and semantic adjustment algorithms, better separability of shallow features has been obtained, and the ability of small-sample learning has been significantly improved, ranking first in the industry.

The Pangea Meteorological Large Model provides second-level weather forecasts, such as 1-hour to 7-day forecasts for variables such as gravity potential, humidity, wind speed, temperature, and air pressure. With the innovative 3DEST network structure and hierarchical time aggregation algorithm, the Pangea meteorological large model has the same accuracy in the key elements of weather forecast (such as gravity potential, humidity, wind speed, temperature, etc.) and common time range (from one hour to one week). It exceeds the current most advanced forecasting method, and the speed is increased by more than 1000 times compared with the traditional method.

Update (March 27 12:37:22)

At present, the official website of Huawei Cloud's official website "Pangu Large Model" cannot be loaded normally, and more information is to be announced officially

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