Launch ChatGPT Plus nanny-level tutorials in China

Launch ChatGPT Plus nanny-level tutorials in China

March 27th, 2023
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1. ChatGPT Plus

Needless to say, the benefits of upgrading to the paid version of ChatGPT Plus are understandable. For example, stability, no word limit, no errors and so on. In this article, I will share my (and some ChatGPT Plus enthusiasts + group friends) personally tested and effective ChatGPT Plus paid version upgrade process. The registration threshold is a bit high to be honest, but in summary, there are actually 4 steps below:

To put it simply, Ouyi is listed on the Hong Kong stock market and the largest exchange in China, and Depay is the largest virtual consumer card company.

2. Practical steps

To complete the above 4 steps, you need to prepare in advance:

  1. Apply for 1 available ChatGPT account
  2. Apply for a virtual trading platform Ouyi account (no choice, only it is safe in China)
  3. Apply for a virtual Depay virtual card (choose Depay , all friends in the group use it)
  4. International IP conditions for normal access to ChatGPT (recommended to choose a proxy node in the United States or Europe)

1. Apply for a ChatGPT account

Here is a detailed tutorial

If you already have a ChatGPT account, go directly to step 2 and let's go!

2. Apply for an Ouyi account to complete the USDT recharge

Because Depay does not accept RMB direct recharge, so we must use the exchange platform to complete In the exchange process of RMB-USDT-USD, wait until there is USD in the Depay account before recharging. Here, for friends who are not familiar with USDT, let me tell you that USDT is a virtual currency Tether, which is anchored to USD, so don’t worry about security.

Regarding exchanges, our domestic users are affected by the state’s rectification policies in the past two years. At present, only Ouyi is the only large exchange that is supported by the state and reliable. We have no choice but to register an Ouyi. Account number is fine.

Click here --> Jump to the official website to register Ouyi account

Wait for the Ouyi account to be registered, download and install the APP. If the system prompts that there is a security risk during the installation process, ignore it. For virtual currency, the system will report falsely. We downloaded it from the official official website. Where is the risk? Just ignore it. .

Wait patiently for the Ouyi App to be installed successfully, click on the App homepage - I want to buy coins - quickly buy coins - choose USDT - buy at least 23USDT (about ¥200) - support Alipay, WeChat or bank card purchases.

After completing the above step, the RMB-USDT exchange is completed.

Here, I buy more, buy 36USDT, about 250 RMB.

One more wordy word—— Although you often hear friends around you saying that whoever speculates in coins and contracts has doubled their wealth and freedom by hundreds of times, it is true. But I still don’t recommend you to speculate in coins, because the risk is quite high, and few people can control their greed. Some people do make money, but there are also many people who lose money. Don’t try it lightly. Remember!

3. Apply for virtual credit card Depay

  1. What is Depay First of all, ChatGPT requires an American credit card, and our domestic dual-currency cards and full-currency cards cannot be used. Needless to say, for domestic partners who do not have a local American credit card, they must choose the well-known Depay American virtual credit card.
  2. Register Depay account Click here to register a Depay account , you can use your email address or mobile phone number, I chose Google email to register, if the verification code is not received, it may be in the trash. After the account registration is successful, you will be asked to download and install their App. For Apple phones, you need to log in with an overseas Apple account. For Android phones, you can directly download the apk and install it. I downloaded the depay1.2.4.apk version. Wait patiently for the APP to be installed, and log in to Depay with the account and password you just registered.
  3. I have to say that it is very convenient to have a Depay virtual credit card for online payment. It supports binding Alipay, WeChat Pay, Meituan Waimai, Pinduoduo, Paypal, Tmall International, Apple US Store, etc. You can search for "Depay function". For any questions about the use of Depay, you can go to the Depay official telegram group to give feedback (requires scientific access). After the card is activated, you can recharge USDT into Depay. This step will be mentioned in the next chapter 4. You need to use the previously registered Ouyi account to recharge USDT.

4. Recharge USDT to the wallet

1. Open the Depay App wallet, find the wallet—USDT—deposit—copy your deposit address, and confirm that the main network is TRC20 on the confirmation screen. Do not copy the recharge address wrongly. For example, the USDT recharge address of my Depay wallet is TKeiEjFBDyJTAb89YhFDQCyFfLjiZJt55Z.

2. Open the Ouyi App registered in step 2 above, and find the homepage—assets—withdrawal—USDT—withdrawal on the chain. For the withdrawal address, fill in the top-up address in the Depay wallet. Here I fill in TKeiEjFBDyJTAb89YhFDQCyFfLjiZJt55Z. For the withdrawal network, select TRC20 (don’t choose a wrong one, otherwise you won’t be able to get your account). The amount should be greater than 23 USDT, which is enough to recharge as a ChatGPT Plus member for one month. Submit and wait for the account.

3. After Ouyi successfully withdraws to Depay, click Depay App Wallet - Exchange, and convert all USDT into USD.

4. Click To Card on the home page of the Depay App, and deposit the exchanged US dollars into the card. At this point, the Depay recharge is complete.

📢📢📢Attention It should be noted that newly registered Ouyi users need to wait for 24 hours to withdraw cash after completing the identity authentication by default. If you are in a hurry to withdraw cash to Depay, you can also ask me to recharge by private message, and a service fee will be charged according to the exchange rate of 1:8. Generally, if you are not in a hurry, it is recommended to do it within 24 hours, so you don’t have to spend this much money.

3. Open ChatGPT Plus

We already have a virtual credit card of our own in step 3 (actually equivalent to a debit card, which cannot be overdrawn), and we have recharged it with more than 20 US dollars, which is enough for us to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for 1 month. Log in to ChatGPT, find the option to upgrade Plus in the lower left corner - Upgrade to Plus

Some group members reported that this upgrade option did not appear. Remember to switch the IP to the United States and log in again. At this stage, only American IPs will have this option. (A US IP is required when upgrading, and not required after the upgrade).

Also, remember to remember——

  1. Use other networks, be sure to use the US or European IP
  2. browser incognito mode
  3. Billing address generated with US address generator
  4. If both 1 and 2 still fail, then try to clear the browser cache, log in to ChatGPT again and try again. If it still doesn't work, it is recommended to replace the proxy node you are currently using and try again until it succeeds.

About the agent

The agent must use the IP of the United States or Europe, especially the IP of Hong Kong is no longer acceptable. If you're not sure if your IP is US or European, seeen.ipip.net/ . Don't use the kind of proxy that many people use, it is easy to fail. If your own proxy is polluted by someone else.

About Billing Address

In theory, you can fill in whatever you want. You can search for an American address generator online and directly generate a billing address in a tax-free state:

Please be sure to use the US IP to access, otherwise you may encounter the following error:

4. First experience of ChatGPT Plus

When you see the distinguished logo of PLUS as follows, it means that you have successfully opened ChatGPT Plus. It can only be said that it is worth the money, you will have a silky AI experience.

It is less than ¥150 per month, which is the money for 3 cups of Starbucks. What you get in return is an efficient channel for information acquisition, which is not a loss, and it is a cross-generational productivity.

So far, congratulations, you have become a distinguished ChatGPT Plus user and a person who is at the forefront of the times in the world. From now on, when visiting ChatGPT Plus, you will have Default and Legacy dual-model answers, as well as fast and stable AI replies.

5. Common problems & solutions

Here is a summary of some of the most frequently encountered problems and their solutions:

  1. As mentioned above, our Depay credit card does not actually have an overdraft function, but is just equivalent to a debit card. In theory, as long as you don't charge the card, you don't have to worry about being deducted next month. However, to be on the safe side, you can still cancel your automatic subscription by: Open the ChatGPT homepage and log in—bottom left corner—My Account——Manage My Subscription——Cancel Plan
  2. The default mode is Turbo mode, it will be more emotional and dynamic, and it will be more interesting, but the answer is more concise, and some details of the previous legacy mode are omitted. Legacy mode is more suitable for academic papers, not as popular as Turbo Mode, suitable for scientific research and papers. For a more detailed comparison, please refer to: www.reddit.com/r/ChatGPT/c…
  3. In the final analysis, this problem is because openAI does not support PayPal recharge. If you have nothing to do, please write an e-mail to openai's CEO Sam Altman (the Chinese call him Altman), let him support PayPal earlier.
  4. This is a question of the benevolent and the wise. If you think it is worth it, it is worth it. If you think it is not worth it, just try to cancel the renewal. However, no one should refuse better productivity, right?

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