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GPT robots are coming? OpenAI leads investment in Norwegian humanoid robot company 1X

GPT robots are coming? OpenAI leads investment in Norwegian humanoid robot company 1X

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March 28th, 2023
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The strong AI technology behind ChatGPT can help robots solve the problem of backward algorithm and data capabilities, and promote the robot industry to usher in a singular moment.

OpenAI, which has developed ChatGPT, invests in robot manufacturing stars. Does it mean that the GPT version of robots is getting closer to us?

On March 23, local time, Norwegian humanoid robot company 1X Technologies (formerly known as Halodi Robotics) announced that it had raised $23.5 million in Series A2 financing led by OpenAI.

As soon as the news came out, it aroused the infinite imagination of the outside world about the combination of GPT models and robots.

One of the scenes is that the humanoid robot butler has entered real life from the movie. It can not only help humans with housework, but also understand human language, recognize human emotions, and make truly intelligent responses.

In the view of Oriental Fortune Securities, the strong AI technology behind ChatGPT can help robots solve the problem of backward algorithm and data capabilities, and promote the robot industry to usher in a singularity moment.

OpenAl led the investment, followed by Tiger Global and others

The round was led by OpenAl Startup Fund, with participation from Tiger Global and a consortium of Norwegian investors including Sandwater, Alliance Ventures and Skagerak Capital.

1X plans to use the funds to intensify efforts to develop the biped robot model NEO, as well as mass-produce its first commercial robot EVE in Norway and North America.

In response, Brad Lightcap, chief operating officer of OpenAI and manager of the OpenAI venture fund, said:

1X is at the forefront of improving labor efficiency through the use of safe, advanced technology in robotics. The OpenAI Startup Fund believes that 1X will be able to positively impact the future of work.

Tiger Global Partner Griffin Schroeder also expressed his enthusiasm for the 1X mission:

We believe that 1X's robots are revolutionizing the field of robotics and are excited to invest with OpenAI to support their continued growth.

1X CEO and Founder Bernt Øyvind Børnich said:

1X is honored to have OpenAI lead this funding round, as our mission is aligned: to thoughtfully integrate emerging technologies into people’s everyday lives. With the support of our investors, we will continue to make significant advances in robotics and expand the global workforce.

Børnich also emphasized the need to deploy robots in the real world.

Deploying our wheeled machine, EVE, on an unprecedented commercial scale, has given us a unique understanding of challenges and opportunities yet to emerge in robotics. If robots are going to work in our world, they need to experience our world.

Torkel Engeness, a partner at investment firm Sandwater, sees huge potential in 1X's robot.

We are excited to support 1X as they launch the bipedal robot NEO while expanding their first generation robot EVE in Norway and North America. 1X is generating value right now, and the potential for their bot looks limitless.

Founded in 2014, 1X is headquartered in Norway and currently employs more than 60 people worldwide. The company makes robots with human-like locomotion and behavior capabilities, with the goal of building safe robots that can work alongside humans.

The EVE robot produced by the company can replace humans in repetitive work fields. EVE is controlled through VR control and artificial intelligence, and the robot operator sits in the control center and uses the system to monitor the camera, navigation and status of the robot.

The official website information shows that the company’s partners include OpenAI, ADT Commercial, Tiger Global, NVIDIA, etc.

Oriental Fortune: The robot industry ushered in a singularity moment

Orient Fortune Securities stated that AI technology similar to ChatGPT can solve the problem of autonomous voice interaction of robots and help robots realize truly intelligent services.

On March 27, Fang Ke, an analyst at Orient Fortune Securities, released a research report saying:

A robot is an entity with highly integrated software and hardware capabilities. It requires multiple technical capabilities such as multi-modal perception systems, dynamic models, deep learning capabilities, and positioning and navigation. However, the core breakthrough point for the commercialization of robots lies in the logic brought about by the upgrade of core algorithms. Improvement of thinking ability and high-level intelligent behavior wisdom decision-making ability. The emergence of ChatGPT can firstly solve the problem of autonomous voice interaction of robots, complete context understanding, multilingual recognition, multiple rounds of dialogue, emotion recognition, fuzzy semantic recognition and other skills, so as to realize intelligent and humanized communication and services. The revolutionary changes brought about by ChatGPT will help the robotics industry solve the problem of backward software-side algorithms and data capabilities in the past, and the injection of AI capabilities will push the robotics industry to usher in a singular moment.

Part of the viewpoint of this article comes from Oriental Wealth Securities, author: Fang Ke S1160522040001, original title: "Robots - the carrier of strong AI"

Market risk, the investment need to be cautious. This article does not constitute personal investment advice, and you should invest at your own risk.

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