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picture tips

March 30th, 2023
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You can use images as part of your prompts to influence the composition, style and color of your work. Image cues can be used alone or with text cues - try combining images of different styles for the most exciting results.

To add an image to a tip, type or paste the URL of an image stored online. The address must end with an extension such as .png, .gif, or .jpg. After adding the image address, add any other text and parameters to complete the prompt.

  • Image hints should be placed before hints.
  • A hint must have two images or an image and other text to work.
  • Image URLs must be direct links to online images.
  • In most browsers, right-click or long-press an image and select Copy Image Address to get the URL.

Upload pictures to Discord

To use a personal image as part of a prompt, upload it to Discord. To upload an image, click the plus sign next to where the message is entered. Select Upload File, choose an image, and send the message. To add this image to the prompt, first open /imagine , and after the prompt appears, drag the image file into the prompt to add the image's URL. Alternatively, right-click the image, select Copy Link, and paste the link into the prompt box.


Midjourney Model Version 4

Midjourney Model Version 5

Proportion Tips <br />For best results, crop the image to the same aspect ratio as the final image.


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