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Test report by domestic media: What is the experience after ChatGPT "Village Network"?

Test report by domestic media: What is the experience after ChatGPT "Village Network"?

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Hayo News
March 30th, 2023
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Some users who have applied for the Browsing plug-in test qualification found that their ChatGPT can "go online"! The domestic media "Xinzhiyuan" is also one of the "lucky ones". Let's take a look at their actual experience after obtaining the test qualification.

ChatGPT Networking Quiz

Since it can access the network, ChatGPT can theoretically obtain the latest information.

For example, the most classic:

And, what's the weather like today?

After some searching, ChatGPT gave the answer with a reference link:

Beijing today is sunny during the day, with light fog in the morning, the wind direction turns from north to south, and the wind force is two to three. The highest temperature is expected to reach 25 ℃. It is still clear at night, the wind direction turns from south to north, and the wind force is about level two. The minimum temperature is expected to be 10°C.

After clicking it, you can find that although the source is a bit confusing, the information is completely correct.

In addition to accessing the latest information, another benefit of ChatGPT networking is that it can analyze online articles for us.

For example, consider the 154-page research paper from Microsoft that claims that GPT-4 has begun to take shape for AGI.

I have to say that this result is quite amazing, especially the whole process of ChatGPT took less than 1 minute.

In contrast, the ChatGPT version of Bing is simply weak...

However, since many websites are equipped with anti-crawler mechanisms, it is not possible to "summarize" various articles as imagined.

It is worth noting that in the "Internet" mode, ChatGPT will first check the information on the Internet for all questions, and then reply according to the information obtained.

Small-scale release of multi-modal capabilities

In addition, OpenAI seems to have quietly opened up ChatGPT's multimodal capabilities. Recently, some Reddit netizens claimed that they can upload pictures to ChatGPT and ask ChatGPT to answer the content of the pictures.

For example, ask ChatGPT where is the joke about this picture.

Another example is to upload two pictures and let ChatGPT find the difference. However, its answer is obviously messed up. It only gave a function coordinate diagram and did not answer where the difference is.

It has been stated that classical algorithms can easily spot the differences, but it cannot describe what the differences are, which I think is what GPT hopes to do.

However, the function of uploading pictures is not available to everyone at present.

At present, only some people's ChatGPT has an entrance for uploading pictures.

Another revolution?

Last week, after OpenAI officially announced the ChatGPT networking function, many people exclaimed that it was far more than an "iPhone moment".

OpenAI's own web browser plugin alone has put many crawler engineers out of work.

Not to mention third-party plug-ins, which directly kill the developers of many third-party products. Some netizens discovered more than 80 secret plug-ins after hacking the ChatGPT API.

The Web browser plug-in will use the new Bing API to search the Internet for information about the question and then provide a specific answer.

For example, you can ask ChatGPT: "Compared with the box office of this year's Oscar-winning movie and the movie released recently, who is higher and who is lower?" It will immediately search the Internet and give the answer. Apparently, this is something it couldn't do before.

In addition, ChatGPT will also judge whether it is necessary to provide a Bing interface based on the content of the query. Then, we can jump to the specific link through the index in the answer.

Although this function can also be done by Bing, the ChatGPT plug-in can not only retrieve real-time information, but also bind the API to perform operations directly.

For example, Bing can tell you the flight and hotel, but ChatGPT can help you book the flight and hotel directly! This browsing function uses Bing’s search API, and Microsoft has made great efforts in two aspects:

(1) Ensure the reliability and authenticity of information sources; (2) Turn on "Safety Mode" to prevent retrieval of inappropriate content. The plugin runs in an isolated service, so ChatGPT's browsing activity is separate from the rest.

Microsoft's money-making plan: Advertisements will be placed in the ChatGPT version of Bing

Just today, Bing posted a blog saying that it will place advertisements in chat replies. Have to say, Microsoft shot too fast.

For example, when you enter the query keyword "cheapest Honda car" into the ChatGPT version of Bing. It will not only tell the answer, but also display an advertisement on the upper right of the text to guide users to purchase.

Another example is the search for "the latest medical and health news". When the AI responds, it will first display the news titles from the partners. When the mouse is moved to the title, the news link will pop up, and you can click to enter.

After searching for the book "Pokémon: Vermilion/Purple", Bing will directly push out various purchase links.

Given that Microsoft still views these ad initiatives as "early ideas," Bing Chat's ad formats and overall ad experience may change in the coming months.

This early idea consists of 2 points:

  • An expanded hover experience that displays more links from a publisher when the user hovers over a link from that publisher, giving users more ways to interact and bringing more to the publisher's site traffic.

  • For "Microsoft Start" partners, Microsoft will display the authorized content of "Microsoft Start" next to the answer, so that users can have better interaction with the Start content, and the advertising revenue will be shared with the partners.

Microsoft's goal with placing ads in Bing Chat is to drive more traffic to publishers in this new world of search.

Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president and consumer chief marketing officer, revealed, "The initial progress is encouraging, driving more traffic to various types of users through Bing Chat."

While these ads have been clearly identified, it raises questions about how far away we are from the traditional search engine advertising model.

Netizens joked that in 10 years, the most advanced Google chatbot will answer your questions with ads, and you will never notice it.



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