[Basics Tutorial] Midjourney Payment Guide

[Basics Tutorial] Midjourney Payment Guide

April 3rd, 2023

Midjourney is currently one of the best AI drawing tools available. New users can enjoy 25 free trial sessions.

In addition, Midjourney offers three levels of membership: $10, $30, and $60. Many people may think that 25 free trials are sufficient, but every operation such as refreshing small pictures, redoing, zooming in, generating high-definition images, and so on, counts as one use. Therefore, if you want to create a high-quality image, you may exhaust the 25 free trials quickly. To check the remaining number of trials, users can enter "/info" in the dialog box.

If you want to continue using Midjourney, you can recharge with a credit card. Here are the specific steps:

Visit the official website: https://www.midjourney.com/. Click on "Sign in" in the lower right corner and follow the website prompts to login or associate with your Discord account.


On the management page that opens, click on "Purchase Plane" (or go directly to https://www.midjourney.com/app/ to proceed to the next step).


On the subscription purchase page, you can choose between Yearly Billing and Monthly Billing. Midjourney currently has three membership levels: Basic, Standard, and Pro, which you can choose based on your needs and usage.

$10 (Basic): you can generate 200 images per month, suitable for light users.

$30 (Standard): unlimited image generation per month, with 15 hours of fast mode usage per month.

$60 (Professional): unlimited image generation per month, with 30 hours of fast mode usage per month.

To switch modes, enter "/fast" or "/relax" in the input box. The default is "fast" mode.Fast Mode: No need to queue up, send a description, and generate it right away.Relax mode: Need to queue up on the server, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and automatically generate after the queue is completed.

Different regions of Midjourney offer different payment methods. Currently, only credit card (UnionPay cards accepted) payments are supported for China region subscriptions. (If you do not wish to subscribe long-term, please cancel the subscription before it expires.)

By following the above steps, you can complete the payment process and embark on an unlimited journey of AI magic.


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