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ChatGPT big title, the registration function is closed! Asia has become the hardest hit area, and netizens shouted for self-help: Don't log in, don't log in

ChatGPT big title, the registration function is closed! Asia has become the hardest hit area, and netizens shouted for self-help: Don't log in, don't log in

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Hayo News
April 3rd, 2023
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"Don't log into ChatGPT!"

"Temporarily stay away from artificial intelligence and ChatGPT concept sector high-end stocks!"

Just in the past two days, some outcry about ChatGPT suddenly swiped the screen on various social platforms and group chats.

And users who saw these messages felt unprecedented panic.

Because the reason for these voices is that ChatGPT is silently banning accounts on a large scale .

Many people tried to log in after seeing the message, only to find that their account was no longer there.

Want to re-register for one? It's no use, the official has closed the registration channel, and it hasn't been opened until this morning.

And from March 31 to the present, OpenAI has not made any official statement , and the specific reason is unknown.

In addition, recently, Italy banned the use of ChatGPT, and Samsung said that it was leaked because of ChatGPT, which further aroused people's concerns and doubts about ChatGPT.

Therefore, all kinds of speculations are flying all over the sky, and the news that ChatGPT concept dividends are negative also spreads on the weekend.

In order to avoid being banned, some people began to use various crooked ideas, such as not speaking in Chinese:

There are also fund managers who are "desperate" and say that it is the same with AI stocks or not, and this circle of votes was also crazy over the weekend:

So what the hell is going on here?

The registration of the new account is stopped, and the Plus is not easy to use

This round of large-scale bans will probably start on March 31.

At that time, someone discovered that OpenAI had closed the channel for new user registration, and if you log in with an existing account, you will see a prompt:

Registration is temporarily unavailable, please try later.

But as of press time, the registration channel has still not been restarted.

And some people have discovered since the evening of the 30th that after paying for Plus, there will be a situation where only the payment is deducted but the subscription is not turned on.

Some people's Plus could have been used, but it suddenly failed in the past few days, and even the record could not be found in the bill.

The further fermentation of the incident began on April 1.

More and more people say that their accounts have been blocked, and people on all major platforms and group chats are rushing to tell each other "precautions" to prevent being blocked.

Even screaming: Don't log in!

As the number of titles increases, people find that the titles seem to be indiscriminate. Whether you recharge Plus or just call the API, you may be banned.

So far, OpenAI officials have not made an explanation, so there are different opinions on the specific reasons behind it. At present, there are mainly two types: "batch registration" and "API call blocked".

On the one hand, many voices believe that the hardest-hit area of this account ban is the accounts registered in batches before.

Many netizens said that their manually registered accounts are still there, but the income from some channels is gone.

On the other hand, regarding the blocking of API calls, some people speculate that the previous account behavior may be suspected of API abuse.

For example, if a person has multiple accounts to obtain API services, if it is detected that the same IP or similar IP is constantly changing APIs to make requests, it will violate the OpenAI API usage rules.

And April 1st is the day when the free calling quota of OpenAI API Key expires. Some people think that OpenAI is worried that a large number of accounts will pay to buy tokens in the past few days, and the API will be bald, so a batch of accounts will be blocked first...

This kind of speculation is not unfounded. After all, Midjourney stopped using it for free, partly because it was too ruthless.

On March 28, the founder and CEO of Midjourney said that because many people registered a large number of new accounts to avoid paying, they only used free quota. This exacerbated a temporary shortage of GPUs that paralyzed service for paying users.

Of course, in addition to these conjectures about the reasons for the problems with the account itself, some people started to analyze from the usefulness of ChatGPT:

ChatGPT will increase our productivity, so dddd.

It is true that some people said before that after their account was blocked, their work efficiency was greatly reduced.

And recently, many companies have introduced ChatGPT into the workflow. I don’t know if this round of bans will have an impact.

Coupled with the news that Samsung’s employees uploaded corporate data to ChatGPT in South Korea and the news that ChatGPT was banned in Italy, many people predicted that the concept stocks of ChatGPT would plummet this Monday.

However, unlike the large-scale impact on the user side, the performance of the stock market is not the same as many people's predictions over the weekend.

On Monday morning, the ChatGPT sector led the gains, and many stocks rose by more than 5%.

How to judge whether the account is blocked?

However, it should be noted that there are still many people whose accounts have not been affected and can be used normally.

So don't panic too much, carefully distinguish whether your account is still alive...

The judgment method is roughly as follows:

If the login status is blocked, the account may be blocked if there is a "prompt that the historical information cannot be loaded" or "the content entered in the input box cannot be sent".

If it is not blocked in the login state, an error will be reported during the login process:

Account deactivated. If you need help, please contact us through our Help Center. (error=account deactivated) Account deactivated. Please contact us through our help center at http://help.openai.com if you need assistance. (error=account_deactivated)

In other cases, if an error is reported, such as "not available in your...", etc., it may not necessarily be a problem with the account.

So once the account is blocked, there is no solution?

No, it is written in the error report, and you can appeal directly through the official website.

Even now, someone has issued a guidance post for appealing, stating that in the appeal, you must express in English how precious the content in the account is to you , and also explain that you have not done anything illegal, and you will not do anything wrong afterwards. No, I hope it will be unblocked.

The specific details depend on everyone's own performance...

In short, this time, I am afraid that many people want to reopen the door of ChatGPT, and it will be even more difficult.

How is your account now?

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