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Hayo, one-stop experience AI service

Hayo, one-stop experience AI service

April 7th, 2023
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If you are interested in the latest AI technology, but suffer from high barriers to use and difficult operation, then we confidently recommend Hayo to you, an efficient and efficient platform that integrates AI dialogue, AI picture creation, tool recommendation, industry information and technical communication. application.

What can Hayo do for you?

1. AI dialogue

With the help of Hayo AI with GPT-4/GPT-3.5 technology, many convenient functions such as creative writing, automatic translation, information retrieval, and intelligent virtual assistant can be easily realized. Here is a simple example👇🏻:

2. AI drawing

I believe that everyone is familiar with the news of AI painting, but how about using AI to draw one yourself?

With the help of Stable Diffusion technology, Hayo can generate high-quality images with only simple hints and descriptions. Whether you are a professional designer, artist or amateur, Hayo can help you create highly creative masterpieces. Check out the real work here👇🏻

3. AI tool recommendation

Hayo has included almost all AI applications on the market. At the same time, we have set up an editorial selection mechanism to recommend the most cutting-edge and practical artificial intelligence technologies and applications for you, helping you learn more about AI tools and improve work efficiency in various fields.

4. Real-time AI information

If you want to keep abreast of the latest developments in the AI industry, Hayo provides a one-click subscription function. You can subscribe to popular applications such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and Bard to learn about the latest technologies and trends.

5. Community interaction

Join the Hayo community and share and communicate with like-minded people. Whether it is practical application or theoretical discussion, you can find like-minded friends here.

How to install Hayo

Hayo already supports mobile phone and PC, check all download methods .

You can also click the link below to go directly to the app store according to your model:

👉🏻Apple Store

👉🏻 Google Play


I hope that through "Hayo", you can interact with artificial intelligence more easily, and continue to learn and grow through mutual communication. I look forward to your arrival.


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