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ChatGPT is going out of date? AutoGPT, which works autonomously without human intervention, explodes on Github

ChatGPT is going out of date? AutoGPT, which works autonomously without human intervention, explodes on Github

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April 13th, 2023
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Recently, there seems to be a new trend in the field of AI: autonomous artificial intelligence. This is not groundless, and a recent study called AutoGPT has begun to enter the public eye. Andrej Karpathy, the former AI director of Tesla and who just returned to OpenAI, also promoted it vigorously, and praised it on Twitter: "AutoGPT is the next frontier of prompt engineering."

Not only that, but some people claim that ChatGPT is outdated and AutoGPT is the newcomer in this field.

Once the project was launched, it won 27K+ stars in just a few days, which also verified the popularity of the project.

Here comes the question, what exactly is AutoGPT? It is an experimental open-source application that demonstrates the capabilities of the GPT-4 language model. The program is powered by GPT-4 and can autonomously achieve any goal set by the user.

Specifically, AutoGPT is equivalent to giving a GPT-based model a memory and a body. With it, you can give an AI agent a task, have it autonomously come up with a plan, and execute it. Additionally, it features internet access, long- and short-term memory management, GPT-4 instances for text generation, and GPT-3.5 for file storage and summary generation. AutoGPT is widely used and can be used to analyze the market and propose trading strategies, provide customer service, conduct marketing and other continuously updated tasks. As netizens have said, AutoGPT is setting off a storm on the Internet, and it is everywhere. Soon some netizens started experimenting. The user asked AutoGPT to build a website, and AutoGPT succeeded in less than 3 minutes. During the period, AutoGPT used React and Tailwind CSS, and the whole process was completed independently without human intervention. It seems programmers don't really need to code anymore after that.

The user later added that his goal was simply to create a website with React. The request made is: Create a form, add a title "Made with autogpt", and change the background to blue. AutoGPT successfully built the website. The user also said that if more prompts are given to AutoGPT, the performance will be better.

Let's look at another example next. Suppose you run a footwear company and ask AutoGPT to conduct market research to find the top five companies in the waterproof footwear market and report on the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

AutoGPT first searched directly on Google to find the top five companies in the waterproof shoes market. Once it finds relevant links, it automatically asks questions such as "what are the pros and cons of each pair of shoes", "what are the pros and cons of the top five waterproof shoes", "what are the top five waterproof shoes for men", and so on.

AutoGPT then continues to analyze the results of other websites and search engines, updating the search content and refining the results until the user is satisfied. During this time, AutoGPT is able to determine which reviews are likely to be fake and conduct reviewer verification. During execution, AutoGPT will even spawn its own sub-agents to perform tasks analyzing the website, find solutions to problems and do all the work on its own.

Ultimately, AutoGPT produced a detailed report of the top five waterproof footwear companies, clearly listing the strengths and weaknesses of each company, with a concise conclusion. The whole process took only 8 minutes and cost only 10 cents per operation, leaving no room for further optimization.

So, how does this AutuGPT, which can complete tasks independently, work? Next we will continue to explore in depth.

Build your AI assistant in 30 minutes

AutoGPT is an AI agent that is popular on the Internet. It can be set up within 30 minutes, allowing you to have your own AI, assist you in completing various tasks, and improve your work efficiency. This powerful AI tool performs a variety of tasks autonomously, and its simple setup and launch are its best features. With AutoGPT, you can complete various tasks quickly and efficiently, saving time and cost. Compared with traditional programming and machine learning, AutoGPT is based on natural language processing technology, which can understand user needs more intelligently and output results quickly. For people or organizations that need a lot of repetitive work, AutoGPT provides a fast and efficient solution that can greatly improve work efficiency and productivity.

Before getting started, you need to set up Git, install Python, download Docker Desktop, and get an OpenAI API key.

Start by cloning theAutoGPT repository from GitHub .

Navigate to the newly created folder Auto-GPT with the following command.

In the Auto-GPT folder, find the .env.template file and insert the OpenAI API key. Then copy the file and rename it to .env.

Run the following command to install the required Python packages.

To run Docker Desktop, you don't need to download any containers, just make sure the program is activated.

Run AutoGPT

Execute the following command to run AutoGPT.

While AutoGPT is a powerful tool, it's not perfect. To avoid problems, it's best to start with simple targets, test the output, and adjust the targets to your needs, just like ResearchGPT mentioned above. However, access to the GPT-4 API is required if you want to use AutoGPT to its full potential. GPT-3.5 may not provide the desired depth to agents or responses.

Deploy autonomous AI agents directly in the browser

Recently, developers began to explore AutoGPT, they created a project called AgentGPT , this project can assemble, configure and deploy autonomous AI agents in the browser. This project is mainly developed by Asim Shrestha, an Amazon software engineer, and has gained 2.2k stars attention on GitHub.

AgentGPT allows users to name their AI and have it perform any task they want. A custom AI can try to achieve a goal by thinking about the task to be done, executing it and learning from the results.

For example, different goals can be chosen depending on the task requirements, such as creating a startup with only $100 in funding (demo example HustleGPT), or such as making as many paperclips as possible (PaperclipGPT example).

However, when using AgentGPT, users also need to enter their own OpenAI API key. AgentGPT is currently in beta and is improving AI's long-term memory, web browsing, and interaction between websites and users. It is foreseeable that the application space of the GPT model still has great expansion, and we can expect more innovations and breakthroughs.

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