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follow along! Try ChatGPT "the strongest competitor" Claude for free

follow along! Try ChatGPT "the strongest competitor" Claude for free

Hayo News
Hayo News
April 16th, 2023
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Recently, Claude, a ChatGPT-like product, opened a public beta application and updated Chinese support. According to rumors, the API is also free to use without restriction.

But after all, OpenAI's ChatGPT and GPT-4 are recognized as powerful. If Claude's performance is comparable to these products, wouldn't this kind of "free prostitution" behavior be equivalent to grabbing a job? Since netizens say that it is so good that it can even be called "ChatGPT's strongest competitor" , then we might as well try it out for ourselves.

Note: This tutorial is a general registration method, but the official server will report a "403" fault at the last step. It is recommended to complete the last step of this tutorial after the official repair, and then you can complete the installation and start the experience.

Here we recommend an officially recognized way of using Claude! Now domestic use can also be used without an agent, smooth experience! Think of Claude as a friendly, hard-working member of your team, interacting with it naturally and giving very specific instructions, it can help with tasks like summarization, ideation, collaborative writing, and Q&A. Claude can remember your entire Slack chat history or pull content from a website you've shared, turning over the task at hand like a hard worker.

simple operation

Sign up for Slack

Registration link: https://slack.com/intl/zh-cn/, click to register an account.

Enter your email to get a verification code, or use your Google or Apple account to authorize login.

After successful registration, create a workspace

Fill in the team name, invite members (skipable) and goals.

Enable Claude

Access https://slackbot.anthropic.com/slack/install through a browser, authorization permission

Authorization successful

Accessed through a browser, the Slack workspace can see Claude's application.

Then you can communicate with Claude fluently!

common problem

What data is accessible to Claude?

The Claude app will request permission to view direct messages that have been added to it and the messages and content of those channels. This allows Claude's responses to take into account the full history of the conversation, not just the latest news. It can also look at user and channel names and descriptions, which helps it participate in multiplayer threads and use channel descriptions as context for conversations.

How much does the Claude App for Slack cost?

Currently, Slack's Claude app is in free beta. Before starting to charge, we will notify users in advance.

What are the known limitations of Claude?

Claude is "playing" a helpful assistant. It will often falsely report its abilities or claim to be "refreshing its memory" when in fact it has no memory of previous conversations! Claude often made mistakes in complex arithmetic and reasoning, and sometimes even in more basic tasks. When given a string of instructions, it tends to err in trying to follow them all. Claude sometimes hallucinated or fabricated information and details. It will sometimes fill in some information from its memory, which will appear in a long reply when asked a question. Claude reads books online, so he understands what's going on in the real world, but he doesn't have the Internet. The training data that Claude receives may be 2 years out of date. Likewise, Claude doesn't know what day it is or current events. It cannot take actions in the real world, but it can suggest actions to be taken. It can't look things up, but it can suggest what to look for.