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X Studio 3 Public Beta User Manual

X Studio 3 Public Beta User Manual

Hayo News
Hayo News
April 18th, 2023
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Hi you are here! "Singing begins with AI" here is your X Studio music world⭐️​

System Requirements​


Win 10 and above​


Mac 10.15 and above​

Project template​

It can be opened and eaten directly~ [Includes projects: "Nuan Nuan", "I Believe"]​

MIDI templates​

Can be imported/dragged into the software to eat~ [Includes MIDI: "Tame the Elephant", "Falling Leaves Return to Roots", "Let's Scatter", "Fireworks Are Cold"​

welcome page​

Register and Login​

Click "Click to login account" in the lower left corner to jump to the registration and login page under the Xiaoice framework. After successful login, you can click "Start Creation" to start your creative journey​

Users must register and log in before using this software​

Works display​

When you already have works created in this software, all your saved project files will be displayed on the welcome page [arranged according to the last modification time]​

You can also:​

  • Search Engineering​
  • Rename project​
  • delete project​
  • View the local files of the local project​


Title Bar​

X Studio3​

Click "X Studio 3" - "About X Studio", you can see the information of the current version​

  • Click "X Studio 3" - "Preferences", you can set the tempo, time signature, and key signature of the default project information; and the audio output device


After clicking on the file, you can

  • New Project (⌘ N)

  • Open Project (⌘ O)

  • Save (⌘S)

  • Save As (⇧ ⌘ S)

  • import (audio/midi)

You can also achieve this by dragging midi or audio files to the corresponding track in the transport area

Import supported audio file formats: *.mp3 *.wav *.flac *.ape *.m4a *.ogg *.mp4*.mp2

  • export (audio/midi)

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