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WPS AI actual measurement: Chinese GPT Office is really here without creating concepts!

WPS AI actual measurement: Chinese GPT Office is really here without creating concepts!

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April 19th, 2023
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Unexpectedly, the Chinese office version of GPT was really created by Kingsoft Office (codenamed "WPS AI"). And the editor who got the internal test qualification has been using it to "fish" these days!

Recently, the circle of friends was swiped by an article about using ChatGPT to make millions a week. Many people have shown their talents under the slogan of "making money with GPT", and they have already made a lot of money. The editor is most interested in teaching people the class of "Writing 100,000+ blockbuster articles in 7 days". Thinking about the days of lying down and counting money, I almost laughed out loud.

After all, a new round of wind is coming, who doesn't want to become a pig flying with the trend? However, the reality is that most of the people who are harvested now are still "GPT leeks", and they spend hundreds of dollars to buy psychological comfort. However, an internal test invitation received in the past few days made the editor's eyes shine. The feeling after the trial is: The secret of the real daily income of over 10,000 is here!

On April 18, Kingsoft Office showcased its generative AI application with large language model capabilities - WPS AI!

According to the official introduction, WPS AI is the first ChatGPT-like application on the domestic collaborative office track. Its first stop is to be installed on Kingsoft Office's new generation of online content collaborative editing product - light document, and in the future, WPS AI will be embedded in Kingsoft Office's entire line of products.

When the editor saw this news, his first reaction was: It’s not going to be a PPT presentation again, it’s the end of creating the concept, and the operation of the old Internet giants is right.

However, Kingsoft Office CEO Zhang Qingyuan quickly stated that the official product video and screenshots are not PPT concepts, and the large model is provided by domestic partner MiniMax. The follow-up capabilities are expected to meet with users in the next few weeks. At the same time, the production and research work in compliance is also being promoted, and the public beta can be launched as soon as possible.

Not much to say, just watch the demonstration, and the high-energy warning ahead.

The days of chatting and working at the same time are not far away

Since Microsoft's ChatGPT stirred up the AI trend, the PPT instructors and video experts of major domestic manufacturers have been busy. Although the battle is fierce, it seems that there are not many who can fight, and they are all scrolling PPT...

However, when the editor got the internal test and used it, I can be sure that this time, the AI is really on the ground.

Rescue Beat Workers Online

What is the biggest pain point for our working dogs (especially those in the text direction)? Of course it is - the train of thought is stuck. Sometimes the inspiration doesn't come, and I stare at the blank document all afternoon, without holding back a single word. What’s even more frightening is that when the inspiration comes up, IQ takes over the high ground again. As a result, after an article is written, it is to check the information and code some unnecessary clichés. My point of view, my creativity, don’t affect my focus on creation ah!

With WPS AI, there will never be such troubles again. Take the "Musk Starship First Launch" that everyone has been discussing in the past two days. As long as you give a general direction, an outline with a beginning and an end, a clear structure, and a reasonable logic will immediately appear in front of you.

If you are satisfied with the outline generated by WPS AI, then we can fill in each topic. If you have an idea, you can write it yourself; if you are still stuck, you can still let it do it for you, and see what AI can help you find.

If you think AI is too talkative? It doesn't matter, if you select "Shorten Length" in WPS AI, it can automatically shorten its own words. For example, summarize the large pile of text just generated in one paragraph.

Similarly, if you feel that the content is still not enough, just select "Expand the length" to expand.

In comparison, the ability of the big brother Notion in the Chinese environment is much inferior.

What, the outline has to be supplemented by myself, it's too troublesome! Just write the entire press release for me.

Yes, it has already begun to take shape. Adjust some details, insert a wave of demonstration pictures, and today's salary will be enough. If you are lucky enough to produce a few blockbusters, it is no joke to earn more than 10,000 a day. Since the editor has used WPS AI, it may have taken several days to do things before, but now it can be done in a few hours. This is the real liberation of productivity. Of course, the rest of the time is: happily fishing to improve various skills , Become a better worker. The only thing to worry about is: don't let the boss know.

Weekly newspaper written with "closed eyes"

I don't know when, large and small domestic factories have started to popularize such a fine tradition - writing weekly reports. This tradition is deeply loved by the leaders, and even Musk on the other side of the ocean has copied it. Now even Twitter engineers have to write weekly reports. But when we beat the workers, we have unspeakable hardships. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports, writing repetitive things non-stop, is a waste of life.

Don't worry, WPS AI is here to save us! Select "Work Weekly", and then select your daily report, and it will automatically integrate it for you.

You can also try a few more times and choose the best result to submit. That's right, this is what AI should do best - eliminate repetitive tasks and save humans more golden time for life and more valuable work. Let's take a look and pass the classic Hu Shi's reading and playing card diary to it in the form of a daily newspaper.

The editor randomly selected a few days and generated a weekly report.

WPS AI is very smart. In the next week's work plan, it clearly proposed to Hu Shi to "avoid being addicted to playing cards", which can be said to be very hilarious.

Operation planning no longer has to worry about burning CPU

For operations, there is one rather tricky thing-planning various events and conferences. Among them, there are too many things to do, such as venues, equipment, materials, inviting the media... Dozens of tasks need to be arranged, and all aspects must be taken care of. valve.

Don't worry, WPS AI can also help you easily. The big boss ordered you to come up with an operation plan for this AIGC conference. Don't panic, simply enter a few words, and the full text will be there.

Select "To-Do List", each to-do item will be generated immediately. The result given for the first time feels mediocre, try to regenerate it again!

After the task is clear, it can be assigned to individuals, and the production contract is household-based, which is clear and clear.

One-click recruitment copywriting

What makes many HR and product managers a headache is writing recruitment documents. Although recruiting people is a big deal, I really don't want to spend too much energy and time on copywriting.

At this time, of course, WPS AI is going to play. Here, send a wave of advertisements to Xinzhiyuan, select "Recruitment Job Introduction", enter the position "AI Technology Media Xinzhiyuan Editor", and a decent recruitment copy will be released immediately.

By the way, let WPS AI generate a job ad for a Gryffindor Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

The feeling after reading it is that, document writers, you are blessed.

My chicken legs are saved

Then let it help me modify a wrong sentence "Chinese is very interested in me." See how it works? The mistakes in the positions of the subject and the object were corrected at once.

Another slightly more difficult one. "In order to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future, we must improve the safety system as soon as possible." It has to be said that its reasoning ability is also strong. It sees that avoidance itself is negation, so it replaces "never happen again" with "happened again".

The editor also accidentally discovered that the function of "correct wrong sentences" can also help you correct typos. I tried the composition of "borrowing life" by elementary school students, and it really worked.

In order to test its translation ability, we also took out a summary of the GPT-4 technical report to test:

We report the development of GPT-4, a large-scale, multimodal model which can accept image and text inputs and produce text outputs. While less capable than humans in many real-world scenarios,
GPT-4 exhibits human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks, including passing a simulated bar exam with a score around the top 10% of test takers.

You can't say full marks, but you can also give an upper-middle score.

It is also very good to make a summary after the translation.

Bubble sorting, junior high school test papers, just one sentence

Of course, there are still many things that WPS AI can do for us. For example, if you want to travel, you can let it help us generate a travel strategy.

Teachers can also directly use it to generate a ten-question junior high school algebra test paper.

Even chickens and rabbits in the same cage can be used - make your own questions and solve them yourself!

Coders can have it generate a bubble sort algorithm in Python.

Brain Opening: Rewriting "The Three-Body Problem" to Save the Earth

Finally, let us try the "brainstorm" function of WPS AI to see how big its brain is. Try to rewrite Three-Body Three and give the earth and humans a different ending.

In the new "Three-Body" III written by it, human beings and Trisolarans help each other, and cooperate and communicate with other civilizations in the Milky Way. This subverts the entire "Dark Forest" theory. Select the creative story function of WPS AI and let it write a cp article about Cao Cao and Guan Yu. The ending written in it is: Cao Cao gave up the position of emperor to Guan Yu, retired to the mountains and forests by himself, and lived a life of idle clouds and wild cranes. Well, it must be in a parallel universe.

Although there is still more than a week before the May Day holiday, the editor rushes to rush to draft every day and has no intention of working. Why not let WPS AI brainstorm a "May Day travel plan" for me.

From determining the destination, booking tickets and hotels, planning the itinerary, and sharing the travel experience, they are very careful.

The future of WPS AI is not just AIGC

It can be seen from the above that in the new generation of WPS AI, the content generated by AI is directly embedded in the document body, and can be rendered in real time according to the format supported by the current document.

In addition, it also supports multiple rounds of dialogue, and controls content generation through multiple natural language inputs, which can greatly improve people's creative efficiency.

The above is the latest ability of Kingsoft Office to integrate the new generation of WPS AI in light documents, and there will be more in the future.

So why is Kingsoft Office the first to integrate AI capabilities into light documents?

Because, whether it is a document, or a PPT, form, or PDF, the core of the office process is "text", and other pictures, layouts, and colors are all based on the text to do homework.

The light document capability you see relies on the large model of MiniMax. This is a startup with 3 multimodal capabilities at the same time.

As for the selection of large models, Kingsoft Office said that it will also adjust according to specific usage scenarios and user experience in the future.

Because in different scenarios, the capabilities that each model can stimulate are also different. Over the past 35 years, the market share of WPS users has gradually increased.

Based on powerful user data, the biggest advantage of Kingsoft Office is its thorough understanding of Chinese and user scenarios.

In addition, the speed of product iteration is also a major competitive advantage of Kingsoft Office.

Before the light document was launched, Kingsoft Office had already iterated multiple versions internally, improving the product every week.

In December last year, Jinshan Office began to embrace AI with all its staff and devoted all its efforts to research and development. Bi Xiaocun, senior vice president of Kingsoft Office, said that our current plan is to run in parallel. One line is light documents, followed by forms and presentations; the other line is to promote cloud collaboration.

WPS is the terminal, and collaboration is the cloud. What Kingsoft Office needs to do is to integrate the terminal and the cloud well. As the head manufacturer of the domestic office track, Kingsoft Office has a very clear direction in the field of AI.

Yao Dong, vice president of Kingsoft Office, said that the future development of "WPS AI" will anchor three strategic directions.

The first direction is AIGC, which mainly assists in editing, rewriting, and polishing to help users produce better articles.

The second direction is reading comprehension and question answering, based on the reserved corpus to do question and answer interaction, assisting reading and knowledge retrieval.

The third direction is human-computer interaction, based on large language model technology to do the next generation of natural language-based human-computer interaction.

Finally, it must be mentioned that WPS AI is currently only a tentative product code name. In the future, it will adopt an iterative release strategy to continuously improve the performance of AI capabilities. I believe that in the near future, the full liberation of the productivity of workers is just around the corner.

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