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WPS AI strikes: more suitable for office than ChatGPT, Chinese understanding is better than Notion AI

WPS AI strikes: more suitable for office than ChatGPT, Chinese understanding is better than Notion AI

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April 19th, 2023
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On April 18, Kingsoft Office demonstrated its generative AI application with large language model capabilities - WPS AI. According to the official introduction, WPS AI is the first ChatGPT-like application in the domestic collaborative office field. The platform on which it debuted for the first time is Kingsoft Office's new generation of online content collaborative editing product - light document, which will be embedded in the entire line of Kingsoft Office products in the future.

When I got the internal test qualification of Kingsoft's office code "WPS AI", I was so excited that the corners of my mouth raised a few degrees involuntarily. A sentence kept appearing in my mind: "Great, I can fish in the future!"

Using a tool that can improve your writing productivity is like riding a bicycle on a long run. You can get twice the result with half the effort.

That's right, this article was completed by me "riding a bicycle".

Not a light "light document"

Kingsoft Office recently launched a generative artificial intelligence application called "WPS AI", which first appeared in the online collaborative editing tool "light documents" (kdocs.cn). Just press "Ctrl+J", and the dialog box of WPS AI will appear in front of our eyes. It seems to be talking to me: welcome, can I help you? I immediately typed the first sentence: My name is Harry Potter.

In fairy tales, a diary with powerful spells is needed for communication, but in real life all that is needed is a web-capable browser.

After using light documents for a period of time, I found that the "lightness" of light documents does not mean that its functions will be limited, but its operation is simple and easy to understand. The function does not need to query documents, just ask a question, and the answer will appear quickly, so convenient and practical.

In general, the functions of WPS AI can be simply divided into three categories: knowledge analysis, content generation, and text processing. While testing WPS AI, we found our rival Notion AI for comparison, and wanted to see which one is better in the field of Chinese office.

In addition to "Ctrl+J", Light Document also integrates WPS AI into the "/" key in the basic functions, which is convenient for old users. And Notion AI adds the AI function to the space bar, and you can see the corresponding prompt when you create a new document.

It should be noted that before testing the function, we can find through simple observation that Notion AI does not support Chinese well compared to WPS AI, while WPS AI natively supports Chinese, which is more convenient to use in China.

knowledge analysis

The first is collaborative office capabilities. We tested WPS AI and Notion AI for features like meeting outline and to-do list.

In WPS AI's product demand review meeting outline, from meeting objectives, time and place, participants to detailed agenda arrangements, each department of product, R&D, and marketing has a clear speaking time, which can be used directly.

The meeting agenda of Notion AI is obviously much simpler and lacks important information.

In terms of generating to-do lists, the lists given by WPS AI and Notion AI for the first time are not exactly the same, but both cover the general process of the conference. If more detailed information is required, WPS AI provides a continuation function that can generate more details.

WPS AI is also able to generate job descriptions, in contrast to Notion AI which uses English descriptions.

WPS AI also provides special functions such as SWOT analysis, which can quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

In general, WPS AI is based on its superior localization accumulation in the field of collaborative office, conducts in-depth research on the needs of the Chinese market, and generates content that can be directly applied to work.

content generation

In terms of content generation, we asked WPS AI and Notion AI to write a press release and slogan respectively, and compared the text processing capabilities of the two tools.

We first use WPS AI to complete a press release of "Notion Launches AI Tools".

We used Notion AI to complete a press release of "Kingsoft Light Document Launches AI Tools".

As far as the press release is concerned, WPS AI is more professional, and several elements are complete.

In terms of the creation of slogans, this time we changed the topic and asked WPS AI and Notion AI to write a few slogans for "thin and light notebooks".

The performance of WPS AI is better, the text is concise, smooth and diverse. In terms of text processing, WPS AI has a strong ability to diagnose and correct wrong sentences, while Notion AI has a weak ability to correct spelling and grammatical errors. In terms of expansion, WPS AI seems to understand the content more easily than Notion AI, and expresses insights on each sentence, and the extension length is also more impressive. WPS AI also has the function of changing the content into ancient Chinese style, which is more practical for Chinese processing.

Although Notion AI can improve the efficiency of English speakers such as employees of foreign companies and international students, WPS AI is more practical and performs better for the processing of Chinese documents.

text processing

Both WPS AI and Notion AI have the ability to polish, modify wrong sentences, and expand. Let's first use a simple ill sentence to test their optimization ability:

In the field of Chinese, Notion AI's ability to "correct spelling and grammar" cannot match WPS AI's ability to rewrite wrong sentences.

Then we provided a piece of copywriting for these two tools to let them expand (Make longer).

The expansion effects of WPS AI and Notion AI are both good. Notion AI is more inclined to expand the content itself, while WPS AI injects some "thinking" and seems to have a deeper understanding of the content, expressing every sentence "Insights". It is also reflected in the extended length.

Although both can adjust the tone of the document, the effect is average, especially for some more professional content, no matter how lively it is, there is not much change.

As an office AI from China, WPS AI can rewrite the content into ancient Chinese style. We tried to give it the newly expanded content, and the effect is still very interesting.

There is no doubt that Notion AI can become the first choice to improve work efficiency for groups such as foreign employees or overseas students who use more English. However, for Chinese document processing, WPS AI still shows greater practical advantages.

In use, I was impressed by AI

May I ask about the collaborative office application of light documents, how to share the first ChatGPT-like application in China?

When using collaborative office applications with light documents, I was impressed by AI, and I was particularly impressed by the text generation ability of WPS AI. However, its complex functions make me a little bit at a loss, and it takes more time and effort to fully experience the power of WPS AI.

So, I decided to consult with Light Documentation, and let AI help me brainstorm and share this ChatGPT-like application.

In my opinion, the text generation feature of WPS AI is its highlight, so I choose this angle, hoping that it can provide more options.

In the outline generated by WPS AI, I found a practical case to share the strength of WPS AI in text generation, which is what I need.

Although the outline is comprehensive, we still need to spend a lot of time optimizing and perfecting it. I may put the case at the forefront to attract readers, then share the technical principles behind WPS AI, and finally discuss the future development and challenges of text generation. I am very happy that it only takes 1 minute from the outline generated by WPS AI to when I have my own thoughts.

Now the question is, how to start an article introducing the WPS AI experience?

Then, I chose to use WPS AI to change the language style of the article to be more colloquial and vivid. In addition, WPS AI can also adjust the tone and style according to different scene needs.

In the end, I just need to prepare the case according to the outline and perfect the whole article. Even, I can let AI generate the cases needed for the article for me.

So, will WPS AI replace humans?

Although the application of AI technology has brought us a lot of convenience and innovation, many people still worry about AI replacing human jobs. Yao Dong, vice president of Kingsoft Office , believes that AI can quickly complete some tasks and improve efficiency, but it cannot completely replace humans. It will not reduce the workload, but will only create more job opportunities. Therefore, AI tools also require users to think and optimize their productivity.

The slogan of Kingsoft Office has always been "the power of blooming wisdom". The wisdom here refers to both the intelligence of machines and the intelligence of humans, and it is the combination of the two. Many Kingsoft Office users like to use functions such as translation, proofreading, smart writing, and data analysis, all of which are supported by AI technology. In the future, WPS AI will also improve reading comprehension and question-and-answer abilities, and at the same time, it can listen to voice commands and natural language processing, making it more intelligent and automated.

Although it is too early to talk about the relationship between AI and human replacement, it is time to talk about improving efficiency. If work is compared to a long-distance running, AI is not an opponent on the competition track, but an accelerating bicycle, which is fast and labor-saving, but requires us to work hard.

For some tedious tasks such as gift card production, annual conference theme planning, and personal monthly report generation, the text generation function of WPS AI can increase work efficiency by 90%. But for some fields that require creative thinking, such as marketing planning, WPS AI can only assist thinking and provide more comprehensive ideas.

AI tools are still in a stage of continuous refinement and development. Zhang Qingyuan, CEO of Kingsoft Office, pointed out that the large model of WPS AI is provided by domestic partner MiniMax, and more functions will be launched in the future, and is working hard to promote the public beta of WPS AI, so that more users can experience the convenience of AI.


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