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Detailed Dev Diary - Niji 5 Scenic!

Detailed Dev Diary - Niji 5 Scenic!

April 25th, 2023
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Hey everyone, we are happy to present the final Niji 5 style - Scenic! You can enable Scenic by entering /settings.

First, select "niji version 5", Then select "Scenic Style" from the list of options.

Note that these instructions are for the niji・journey robot!

To use --style scenic in the Midjourney robot. First enable Niji v5 under /settings, then use --style scenic.

Without further delay, now introducing...final style.

prompt: miku with hamburger

Niji Style Event: Week 4 - Scenic

Scenic will take you into the distant beauty of your imagination. Not only does it serve as a beautiful backdrop, but it also creates rich and powerful character moments in fantastical settings. Choose Scenic, let you shoot a movie-like shocking picture!

Scenic - style breakdown

Unlike Principle Art Basics, this latest style is inspired by everyone's favorites from the first three styles.

  1. Default Face - Similar to Default, Scenic uses a modern anime face.
  2. Expressive 3D Lighting Model - Like Expressive, Scenic has a sophisticated system for modeling more realistic light and shadows. The background is amazingly beautiful.
  3. Cute Graphic Style - As we'll discuss below, placing characters in the scene can be quite challenging. Scenic borrows strong graphic elements from Cute to strike a balance between compositions.

A pretty face goes better with a pretty background

Landscape will focus more on the environmental context behind the subject and provide more context behind the action than our other styles.

prompt: schoolgirls enjoying a buffet --expressive

prompt: schoolgirls enjoying a buffet --scenic

develop a strong profile

When we started developing Scenic, a lot of time was spent making sure it could not only handle pure landscapes, but also properly integrate characters into the scene. As any human artist will attest, it's not easy! It's a delicate balance between character detail and background detail. In the sense of traditional art, this is probably the most challenging type of picture.

In this case, a strong character silhouette is crucial.

The ancient Egyptians claimed that the perfect silhouette was seen in profile with a face connected to the front facing body, with both legs stretched out to the side.

Source: the Anubis, on the south wall of the tomb of King Tutankhamun

While we didn't fully distort to that extent, in Scenic we made it more likely that the character's face would show in profile. This helps create more interesting silhouettes and maintains balance in more complex compositions involving characters and scenes.

The characters in Scenic will use the orientation of their faces to guide the viewer's eye through the composition. This makes for emotionally powerful moments: in addition to merely placing a character on top of the background, Scenic directs the characters to actually interact with the world they live in.

prompt: confrontation between armies

Scenic is the ultimate storyteller style! Personal recommendation is to try using the landscape aspect ratio for those beautiful cinematic shots.

prompt: a priestess dancing in the wisteria grove

prompt: a witch brewing pots

prompt: handsome man eating cakes in a river

Adjust aesthetic impact

You can use the --s parameter to adjust the style effect.

Here is a demonstration of the --s parameter on each style:

(GIF can’t be pasted, I suggest you click on the link of the original text to browse: Introducing - Niji 5 Scenic! )


This is the style we developed for niji 5. Thank you for joining us for a month of style!


prompt: miku with hamburger


prompt: miku with hamburger

To be honest, we were very nervous when we started this project: what if people think we're making too anime-like? What if they don't think they're anime enough? Do people like cute things? Will everyone figure out how to use /settings to turn on these styles? !


prompt: miku with hamburger


prompt: miku with hamburger

Your enthusiastic response gives us the courage to bring out the best in each style. Thank you so much for your support!

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